Have you ever wished you could speed up and simplify the mortgage process? By combining the expertise of our excellent Loan Officers and Account Executives with new technological advances, you can benefit from a faster, more efficient mortgage experience with far less paperwork.Visit LoanWithRick...
Mortgage rates are sitting still this week, with little to no increase or decrease. The 30-year fixed rate didn't change while the 15-year fixed rate inched up to 3.41 percent. Along with this, mortgage applications decreased last week, the market composite index fell 3.2 percent.  The big news o...
Most consumers only know how to shop for a mortgage in one fashion: call a lender, ask about the rate and points, compare that with 1 to 3 other quotes, and then choose the lender with best rate. While I have many reasons to not choose a lender based just on rate, this dialogue is meant to differ...
2016 is wrapping up quickly and the mortgage rates for 2017 haven’t increased, but they are expected to.  We've seen a dramatic increase in rates since the elections.  I know this is something that I keep talking about, but I want to make sure that my clients don't lose out on the opportunity to ...
While the idea of mortgage rates going up might be frightening, the good news is that you can start preparing yourself for this right now. Beyond the typical advice of “start budgeting and save money” I’d like to offer a simple bit of overdue advice. Don’t wait. If you are looking into purchasing...
Allow me to qualify my statement.Rates went up, but they are still really good.  I mean 4% is still free money; however for the highly qualified there are still some amazing options and ways to keep your rate in the low 3s!One product remains that is offering really low interest rates for highly ...
You heard me right.  Say goodbye to that low, low rate of just a few days ago.  The election of Donald Trump has set the economy in a whirlwind and thrown mortgage rates through the roof.The day of the election my 18 year old son who is a student at Patrick Henry College (great school btw) asked ...
I always thought that if you want to make a point, you should look the other person in the eye.  Evidentally, that might not be the best approach.  These researchers found that too much direct eye contact might actually make someone feel hunted down.   Let me know what you think!  
Per my last Blog post, here is the formal announcment about the Fannie Mae program that is open to regular homebuyers.  It only lasts for offers accepted by March 31, 2014.  No kidding.   Here is the formal announcment. Happy house hunting!
Answer, EASY.  Get the new program from Fannie Mae which allows normal everyday home buyers to take advantage of a formally REO specific loan program.   Oh, and investors aren't invited to the party. Don't you hate being a buyer and having to go up against investors with cash offers?  I mean real...

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