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Carlsbad, CA–Over the past decade, there has been a flurry of home remodeling in San Diego County–particularly in coastal areas, where building activity first blossomed. That means there are lots of vintage homes showing their age. During the last ten years, tile and formica surfaces in kitchens...
Carlsbad, CA–This past year has been tough for both San Diego real estate sellers–and buyers–and both sides of the fence have had to wonder if they are being tricked or treated by market conditions. On one hand, home sellers hear that we are in the toughest market for San Diego home sales in yea...
We are seeing an increasing number of lender-generated loan modification attempts here in San Diego County, but some borrowers have just thrown in the towel. These bloody charts say much:  This is one of those posts where I wish I didn't have to write it, but felt it was so important to my reader...
  This is a program that makes a world of sense for real estate foreclosures. Freddie Mac, even after foreclosing on a home, now offers the former homeowner the chance to either lease the home–or  buy it back as long as the occupant is employed and not engaged in a bankruptcy. This keeps the home...
So many hands are trying to reach their way into the real estate transaction. I was not aware of Cartus' tactics until readilng this.Cartus relocation company is a CROC! (that is an opinion, for more opinions Google Cartus sucks). Actually many "relocation" companies that are supposed to help the...
I'll be there and am encouraging our fun agents to attend as well:=) What a great opportunity to relax and network among other San Diego Real Estate Professionals at the D Street Bar & Grill, in Encinitas, on June 23, 2009. There will be no educational agenda for this meetup; just good ol' fashio...
Meet-ups with Brian Brady are always the greatest!The San Diego Real Estate Agent Meetup is Back Join in on the fun, business networking, free appetizers, and raffle prizes.  This month, we'll join up with Coastal Networking, one of San Diego's best networking groups. Meet great contacts for eith...
  The world of short sales and REO's is not without its predators in Realtor's clothing. Some of you, for example, may have had a short sale listing or sale blown out of the water because of an inflated BPO (Broker's Price Opinion) designed to negatively sway a lender's/negotiator's decision rega...
Until recently, we all heard about the demise of the Mom and Pop real estate agencies, and how all the independents would be swallowed by Coldwell Banker, Prudential and all the other red, white and blue real estate boxes.  We were told that ultimately, there would only be a few big firms left st...
Sacramento Realtor Gena Riede has some outstanding suggestions for preserving neighborhoods from the visual and health ravages of foreclsoed homes.Are there foreclosures in your neighborhood? Sacramento, CA has certainly had its fair share of real estate foreclosures. Some neighborhoods worse off...

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