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WHY IS IT A GREAT TIME TO BUY??? BECAUSE... 1.  INTEREST RATES ARE AT HISTORIC LOWS (DOWN AS LOW AS 3.5%!) This means LITERALLY THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS SAVED FOR YOU, THE HOMEOWNER! 2.  INVENTORY IS UP! There are lots and lots of homes to choose from.  In many cases, sellers are getti...
We started an independent Real Estate Office because we wanted to be able to offer the best customer service that we possibly could.  We have always done our best to offer superb customer service.  Being an independent office in Lubbock Tx we are able to better personalize the services that we of...
In spite of what you might hear from certain local and national media outlets, REAL ESTATE VALUES ARE NOT SUFFERING IN LUBBOCK,TEXAS! Unfortunately many parts of the country have experienced disaster the last couple years. Fortunately, LUBBOCK,TEXAS REAL ESTATE VALUES CONTINUE TO SLOWLY, BUT SURE...
Tax Credit to be extended and enlarged to include current homeowners who have owned their homes for 5 or more years.  Current home owners could get up to 65,000.00 in tax credit.  To participate in this contracts must be written on or before April 30,2010. The income limits will be doubled and h...
So, you are wondering the same thing that everyone else keeps asking...Is anyone still buying houses??? Are banks still loaning money for home mortgages? Can people still qualify? Sure they are! YES...YES...YES!!!  First time home buyers are taking advantage of the $8,000 tax credit through Novem...
     So, how is the Lubbock real estate market?  WE'VE NEVER BEEN BUSIER!  HOMES ARE ABSOLUTELY SELLING LIKE CRAZY!!!  Jeff and Lisa Sellers are having a record month despite all the talk of the recession and the housing crisis.  We are so thankful to live in Lubbock,TX.      Jeff and Lisa Seller...
     This factual information is an attempt to inform the public that HOME VALUES IN LUBBOCK,TX are not in a state of decline.  Home values in LUBBOCK,TX are APPRECIATING, NOT DEPRECIATING.  Forget everything you are hearing NATIONALLY!  We are extremely fortunate in Lubbock!      The average sin...
      If you are like me, you too are probably sick and tired of hearing about "THE STIMULUS".  You might be weary of and leery from "THE BAILOUTS".  You wonder if the Lubbock economic situation is the same as the rest of the nation?  Is everyone loosing their jobs?  Are homes foreclosing and dep...
     Is Real Estate really as bad as what the media is telling us?  Well, like many other things, it might be in certain places.  For those locations, I hope and pray it will get better soon.  I believe other places are bad due to the DOOM AND GLOOM BUYER AND SELLER CONFIDENCE.  I guess I shouldn...
     How would you like to be professionally represented in the purchase of your brand new home for FREE?  As licensed realtors and buyer's agents, we can actually help you greatly in the purchase and construction of your new home.  Don't worry about paying a commission.  The builders love realto...

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