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Hello my old friends, I have not posted a blog on ActiveRain in over a year. I believe it is about 16 month. During this time I have been to the heights of business and some very low, lows in life.More on that in a later blog, why I am back? I am about to be 30 years old in 52 days. Still young, ...
There is not much to show this year for our holiday decorations with a move happening right after Christmas it did not make much sense to go all out. Usually Blanca Barajas and I love to get a real tree, with lots of white lights and classic decorated tree. Usually blue and silver or red and gold...
A video that I have just began to understand and it has already taken me to new levels. Especially during this season when a lot of people slow down, especially in the real estate business. The last few weeks I've worked every single day to get to that next level. With the exception of the 24th I...
The last 45 days have changed my life a lot. In early November my girlfriends dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. We spent most of November visiting various doctors and specialists with surgery happening on November 30th. The surgery went well, the cancer had not spread yet so all in all it went...
It's time for another round of should you update your iPhone or skip this update? Before we get into that, I have been gone for a few weeks, and it has been a rough few weeks indeed. A few family emergencies have really messed with my business, but I am back on track this week. More details on th...
This is my 100th blog post, which to me is quite amazing. I would have never thought I'd make it, lots of lessons learned from sharing my technology tips, what my real estate teams and businesses are doing, as well as some amazing pictures and motivation.In the future I hope to improve my writing...
One of the favorite things while building Winter Group Las Vegas and living in Las Vegas for me has been the garden at Bellagio changing with the seasons.It is quite impressive that they use real flowers and make it look so amazing, this is one of my favorite pictures from the fall display. Hope ...
A app I recently download on my phone called Cyber Dust. It was created by Mark Cuban who many of you may know from Shark Tank.Though I have just recently started using it, I see two big potential uses, one for marketing and one for working with clients.1. You can sent secure pictures, messages o...
I have been studying business and entrepreneurship a long time, and Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorite people to follow and learn from. He put out this video a few weeks ago that has already gotten over 100,000 views.It is so true, a lot of people consider entrepreneurship something for young ...
This weeks Wordless Wednesday comes from a road trip I took in late September. I had been driving all through the night without rest and decided to stop at a rest stop in I believe Nebraska as the sun was rising. The temperature that time of the year was great and it was a beautiful sunrise.Hope ...

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