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As many of you know I have been building Winter Group Las Vegas all summer and  have spent my time in Las Vegas. This past Saturday I had some business to do in Chicago, and since we are moving back there anyway soon, wanted to return the car to beautiful Illinois. It was quite a journey and I ma...
This picture was taken August 2014 when I was living in Chicago. My apartment complex had a beautiful lake to walk around that had two swans. They were always great to see.Their favorite activity was to chase the canadian geese of their lake!Hope you enjoy the picture & have an amazing rest of th...
A little Monday Motivation for everyone. This is another video that means a lot to me because I remember days when neither my girlfriend or I had anything. When we started in business together we would put everything we had into the business both work wise and money wise.We did this because we kn...
The one thing I can not stand to see at all EVER, is animals suffering, so when I came across a German Shepherd breeder where the puppies were living in the dirt with fleas, ticks and who knows what I knew I had to do something.So I bought all 3 puppies, and once I got home reported the breeder, ...
Just a few days ago I wrote a blog about Facebook getting a dislike button, it was my most viewed blog ever and the comments were quite mixed. Some people agreed with my view that one disgruntled clients, customer or employee can have a huge impact on your social media brand. Others thought it wi...
I seem to always end up doing a post about the latest Apple iOS updates & today was the official release of iOS9. The concensous seems to be the same all around the internet, it is a must have update.iOS 8 was released with a lot of bugs, some of which never got fixed even through the 10 updates ...
In big tech news today, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is finally making a dislike button. I remember even going back years people always wanting it, but what does it mean for your business?In my opinion it is not the best thing for business pages, many people will dislike content without thinking ab...
I get asked quite often by new agents, someone thinking of getting into real estate or just random people what lessons I would give them that I wish I would have known.I spent a lot of time thinking about that exact thing this weekend and came up with the following list.1) Networking is everythin...
Another week is upon us and to be successful we have to keep learning, working and growing just that little bit.Some of you may have already reached your goals or what you consider success, but we fall very quickly if we don't keep working.Enjoy the video and be motivated to reach some new goal t...
For those that follow my blogs you know that I am just expanding and setting up a new team in Las Vegas. One of the first areas Winter Group Las Vegas is focused on selling is Mountains Edge, part of the South-SouthWest Las Vegas area.Today I wanted to get some pictures for my new Mountains Edge ...

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