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As Real Estate Agents we are all in the business of marketing. If we don't market our self or our services, we do no sales which means no income.As the owner of The Winter Group, I have spent a lot of time working and trying to figure out online marketing. Most of our leads come from the internet...
Since I did a blog on the last iOS 8.4 update, why not make one for today's release of 8.4.1This is an update you can most likely wait on as it is almost entirely to fix issues and bugs with Apple Music.TechCrunch did a quick article on all the specifics which you can read here.To save some of my...
One of the biggest winner with Google restructuring into Alphabet Inc. and the parent companies new website is Daniel NegariMost likely you have never heard of Daniel Negari, but he is the person that sells all domains ending in .xyz Though he could not disclose how much Google paid for a...
Inspirada, a brand new master planned community in Henderson Nevada will be having a great family event called Aloha Hau'oli Splash Day on Saturday August 15th 2015. Free food, shaved ice and water toys will be provided by the home builders.    You can join or keep up to date on the 
My License in Nevada is officially ACTIVE, and that means it is time to start building Winter Group Las Vegas and bring my standard of service and professionalism here.I've been licensed in other states, but am very excited for this expansion. With no network, friends, family, or "sphere of influ...
I read a lot of books! About one every 10 days, best of all, they are all nonfiction. Not many people know this about me, but I can not read fiction books. Even going back to High School, I would ditch the required reading and instead immerse myself in business books.Good news about this is, I le...
"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -Colin R. Davis A lot of people talk about the road to success people have taken, very few talk about the road to failure many of those same people took before the success.I myself have traveled many road in Real Estate al...
Yesterday I finsihed reading The Sell - The secrets to selling anything to anyone by Fredrik Eklund. Towards the end of the book Fredrik talks about the concept of Pronoia.Pronoia is defined as being the opposite of paranoia, it is the sense that there is a conspriracy that exists to help the per...
Facebook is always adding new features to it's advertising platform and this weeks additions are actually quite good!You can read more about it on the Facebook developers page or for a simplified version here is a great article from are the two big new features:1) If a clien...
Many of you know that I am a big fan of Steve Jobs, I have even watched countless hours of his keynote presentations because there is a lot to learn on presenting. It does not matter if we are doing our listing presentation or selling a product, Steve Jobs knew how to make you want, whateve it is...

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