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Lots of sensational press around the temporary foreclosure moratorium thats being implemented by some, soon to be all banks across the country.  Some people are crying fraud while others are pressing random panic buttons calling for someones head…yet most really don’t know why. I guess it just s...
Much speculation regarding the Future of Housing Finance and the overall housing market around the news lately.  I penned a couple articles for HousingWatch (here and here) on the conference of the same name that took place at The Treasury last month, they’re good prerequisites to whats written ...
Haven’t been permeating self promotion through the typical social mediums very much lately, but I have been sporadically writing/blogging/’content creating’ over at HousingWatch.  So, for the 4 people who’ve asked me if I still type my opinions into a keyboard… John Paulson was an interesting fi...
This post has been amended from its original version, which was deemed to have contained 'hate speech' directed toward women.  Sorry if I offended anyone, people who know me know this was never the intent as I have an immense respect for people regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientatio...
I’ve been writing a bit over at Housingwatch about the recent news surrounding reasons behind housing market crash, viewed through the 20/20 hindsight lenses we all posses.  While this article was originally published on April 24th 2010 on my site at TheXbroker, I wanted to bring it to Active Ra...
According to various polls, from local associations to the widely distributed Harris variety, public/consumer perception of the greater real estate industry and the agents that serve it is in the toilet.  This is nothing new. In the spirit of taking action to reverse the negative stigma around t...
The Fed will stop buying mortgages beginning at end of March 2010. Uh-oh.  This is kind of a big deal. Lets reflect back for a minute… Back in September 2008 the bottom fell out of the mortgage and housing industry, the pillar of our economy at the time, as the MBS market was more or less expose...
There has been much buzz about Indexable IDX plug-ins for real estate blogsites… First things first…Why is this a big deal to begin with?  IDX solutions are typically framed in to web/blogsites and offer little to no SEO value.  An indexable IDX effectively creates separate posts for every listi...
Back at the end of August, exactly one post ago, I wrote of Googles pending entrance into the mortgage lead business. Today Matt Carter at Inman News expounds on Googles 'AdveRateQuote' platform for the mortgage industry.  Apparently they've partnered with pricing engines and lead generation pro...
Lots of buzz regarding the lawsuit Lending Tree has initiated versus Mortech, producer of mortgage rate pricing software, for apparently licensing their technology to Google for a service that will compete with Lending Tree…from Yahoo Finance: LendingTree filed a lawsuit yesterday against Mortech...

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