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Some of are hesitant to make any decision without knowing all the details. If you happen to be one of those people, I definitely understand where you are coming from, because I'm one of them too. Sometimes this behavior doesn't work in our favor though. How does this apply to the real estate mar...
A little addition to my last post about short sales vs foreclosures   I want to give you more details on what is required from the seller's side when trying to conduct a short sale transaction. As indicated in the previous post, there needs to be a reason (i.e. "hardship") that caused your situa...
Here's a little post about conducting a short sale from a seller's perspective. Owners of distressed South Beach condos ask me all the time why they should be conducting short sales instead of just letting their troubled asset (or should we call it liability) go into foreclosure ? First of all, ...
I wanted to add one thought to yesterday's blog about short sales. Even though it seems like there are a lot of negative factors that need to be considered when getting into a short sale transaction, I do believe that they might be your BEST OPTION when trying to score a great deal on a South Be...
By now you’ve definitely heard a lot about so called “short sales” and “foreclosures”. In my market area, which is Miami Beach, Florida,roughly 25% of all Miami Beach condos that are being sold are either short sales or foreclosures. In some other markets, this number could be as high as 75-80%....
I want to apologize to the english speaking community, but my german speaking customers "complained" to me that I never post anything in german, so here it goes. This is for all the german speaking fellows out there...   Miami Immobilienmarkt – von 2000 bis 2009   Miami Dade ...
           (Click logo to visit my website)      MIAMI DOWNTOWN / BRICKELL AREA MARKET UPDATE You've probably read the news that housing sales have increased in December 08 (compared to November 08) for the first time in a long time.  Since many people have asked me how that affected the Miami Do...
It wasn’t too long ago when 1 Euro would only buy you US$ 0.80. Unfortunately (or should we say fortunately ?) the table has turned and 1 Euro at the time of  this writing will buy you US$ 1.57.  This has not only made travel to Paris, London, Rome - or whatever European city...
If you are a buyer looking for a very reasonably priced, property in South Beach or a Real Estate Agent looking for a great deal for your buyers, I would like to introduce you to an often overlooked building that in my opinion is one of the best values in South Beach. The building is called Admir...

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