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New Listing in Church Hill! This house is fantastic, don't miss it.     For more details and photo's click here or Do your own free property search
  We have moved into such a mobile web society that when the internet goes down everything pulls to a halt. This morning I arrived at work to discover the internet was down. There was almost nothing I could get done without connecting to the web. It was incredibly frustrating. It was almost debil...
  Counting down the last couple days before Christmas, are you ready for it? The songs are playing, the tree is lite, the wine has been poured, and the gifts are all wrapped. Right? Some of you are knoding your heads in agreement but then others are shaking their heads no. Heck no! Are you feelin...
Beautiful 3 acres of land for sale in Richmond County.   See more details here
We Closed!! Finally made it, Congradulations Shannon Scarbrough and Adam Stone on the purchase of your new home on St. Peters Church Rd.   See more of our Listings or Do your own Free Search Here
      Regularly I list short sale properties; with the right coordination of efforts, constant contact with the bank, preparing the Buyer to wait an extended period of time, and knowing what I believe the bank will accept or reject tends to lead to a successful closing.  A particular short sale h...
  There was an article in the news this morning that the national transportation safety board is trying to pass a law that limits the use of mobile devices while driving. The most recent movement, if passed, would ban all non-emergency cell phone calls and texting of every driver of a vehicle on ...
SOLD! Congratulations Brad! He just closed on a beautiful row house in Historic Church Hill and just in time to decorate for his up and coming holiday party!     Check out some of our other Listings
      There are many moments in life that require you to pull out your multi-tasking skills. Whether as a parent or as a professional, things will happen all at once demanding you to do several things all at the same time. Keep calm and remember some of us shine through multi-tasking and others c...
  I read recently a blog from a home inspector who was discussing the decisions some home owners make about putting in granite counter tops rather than properly insulating their home.  His argument was that people are not particularly drawn to a high efficiency heating and cooling system. They wo...


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