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Real Estate in MD, DC, and VA Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We specialize in assisting buyers and sellers all over the state of Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia



Fighting the BANKS--- FACE TO FACE We get short sales approvals in a weekly basis. .  But not two short sales are alike. .they are as different as snow flakes. All we know is that we better have our best game face ON to help our clients or they will suffer. We have listed over 135 short sales in...
  I do love this. . because I seen people living like this before. . I couldnlt reblog it directly from her. .  Between politicians, shady deals and regulations. . no one came forward before and just raise their hand to do this. . can they expand on this?  Of course. . but they wont because . .th...
The bank may as well be saying that.  Some banks think that homeowners are drugged while the "PROCESS" of a loan modification is being considered. My client was mortified. After month and months of lost faxes, lost documents trying to save her home. . Hours on the phone, incessant phone calls. Ev...
What To Do? Before Contacting Your Mortgage Company When You Can No Longer Pay Your Mortgage Payment? Prepare to take notes and you should do this every time you talk to them (Click on the picture below to know why?) Then: · Gather first all your mortgage statements and organize them.· If you hav...
Do you need to be broke in order to qualify for a short sale?   Insolvency is the key. .   Definition   A person that is deemed unable to pay its debts if it is proved to the satisfaction of the bank that the homeonwer's assets are less than the amount of their liabilities.   You must prove to th...
  Is A Short Sale An Option for You?   Yes it very well may be depending on your current situation. .   1. Are you unable to refinance or qualify for a loan modification?   2. Are you behind on your mortgage payments?   3. Are you are facing a financial hardship?   4. Do you ou owe more than your...
The Benefits of Having a Realtor in Maryland When you are ready to buy a home, all you have to do is call the right person to start your search and it will NOT COST A PENNY when you work with us. . Of course this has caused confusion in some people that insist that they only need access to the In...
          Herboso&Associates     Over 40 Listings Plus. .ALL the latest  foreclosures and short sales  in The Villages Of Urbana Now. . . CLICK HERE NOW!   Call us with confidence if you need an expert in the Villages of Urbana now! Fernando HerbosoBroker - Solutions Finder"Don't Pray For A Mirac...
Finally someone that understands the realities of your situation.  My name is Fernando Herboso and I'm proud to introduce to you my newest website of resources for short sales This was designed to give you total information if a short sale, a loan modification, a deed in lieu or a foreclosure it...
Article originally posted in ````````````````````````````````````````````` You already know that selling your home can be a complex process. If you make mistakes, you may put yourself in a bad situation that could cost you thousands of dollars. There are a few pitfalls you...

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