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  TRIPS AND FALLS  OF ESCALATION CLAUSES: IS THIS A GOOD IDEA? In my market a buyer has an option to offer more for a house with a escalation clause. . . .  This form allows the buyer to increase their offer against  other competitive offers. . Essentially bidding against an invisible buyer.. .w...
From     Germantown Real Estate in Gunners Lake Village     Germantown, Maryland Homes Germantown is the heart of Montgomery County and the third largest city in Maryland. Ideally located less than 25 miles from the...
Homes And Condos For Sale in Germantown MD in Milestone Homes And Condos For Sale in Germantown MD in Milestone     Germantown is a family-friendly community, offering close access to public transportation, schools, freeways, shopping, and state parks. Germantown is divided as well into six town...
  I wrote this a few months back. . It was my aattempt to educate agents and the public after listing many short sales for the last 5 years It is worth to revisit and add a few new nuggets for you. . Agents, when you call on a listing agent to ask. .How many loans on this short sale? The answer r...
  What's My House Worth?    There may be many reasons why you need to know the value of your house Experience is what will answer to this important question and it can differ greatly depending on who’s assistance are you seeking for? Our company has  provided a home value estimate tool to help y...