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My goal is to provide information on topics of interest concerning the health, and best use of trees needing to be removed. We are focused on the complete recycling of trees that require removal. From mill timber to firewood, and then to the wood chips, we get every possible use of the tree. We are a full service tree company serving Bellingham and all of beautiful Whatcom County.
Doing tree service in Bellingham WA means we get jobs that people want to know, "is my trees worth any money?"  A lot of times property owners are happy enough to just get the job done without any out of pocket expense.   A average tree service company looks to produce over a $1,000 in revenue pe...
The life of an owner of a tree service company in Bellingham WA can be exhausting.   Yesterday was a good example. It started out with an estimate at 7:30am for $350.00 off Wiser Lake Rd.  Jill has a ginormous birch tree that was growing over the roof.  She had called for an estimate on one branc...
Wildwood Resort in Sedro Woolley, just South of Bellingham WA is going all out to help improve the health and beauty of 200 plus cedar trees. Winter can be a very slow time in the tree business.  Other than storm damage, a tree company might sit for three months with very little work besides prun...
What a great year in the tree service business in Bellingham WA and all of beautiful Whatcom County! The tree service business in Bellingham WA started out slow in January, February and March, and then snowed balled all year long to a busy fall and early winter.  Tree service in Bellingham WA is ...
We finished setting up the Azure Lynden booth at the northwest Washington fair last night. Already had people stopping by and getting cards.  Guess there is a buzz now days about buying organic and natural foods in bulk, and not paying a fortune to do it. As a family we have studying how food is ...
Hi Linda,  Ok, since we are in the same race to figure out how to make a little more money each month, I have an idea. I am coming over in November for three weeks.  I have told my friends and some of them may be coming to Kauai with me. Hence, my peanut brain wants to make money.  Would Toby be ...
 DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 is the process of finishing up a great week in June, taking down six firs, stump grinding, trenching, field mowing, and planting 50 emerald green cedars. Three years ago the Hodges of Lynden, just north of Bellingham WA, asked me to give them an estimate on tr...
Not only was this tree service for an alder near Bellingham WA ugly, DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 had to get it to the ground in the pouring rain.    The day was full of hard work.  The initial estimate, from Sally; whom we had done tree service for a couple weeks ago on South Bay Drive in...
DigLydnen Tree Service  360-318-9795 was at South Bay Drive in Bellingham WA.   A beautiful location to do tree removal service.  Even in a Bellingham monsoon.  It rained all day, from start to finish.  Don’t remember being that soaked in my entire life. I was hired to dismantle a 50’ cedar tree,...
Hi you doing?  Thought this would be an easier way to let you guys know what we need in exchange for the firewood. We have three different stages of firewood: wood for this winter, wood that should have been burned but has life in it, and tons of camping firewood. We are looking for and will cons...

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