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For the first time in more than four years, the Federal Reserve cut its Fed Funds Rate, which directly impacts millions of American borrowers. And while this important decision has many implications, there's still some debate among experts about what this means to the economy as a whole.The Feder...
Success can be defined in a variety of areas. For the purpose here we will study success as it relates to your business. Below is a scorecard for you to determine how you rank on your chances of success. After each question there is a numerical ranking. See where you are and total your points at ...
You may not know what impression management is, so let's make sure we get some basics out of the way. You have probably heard that perception is reality; Let me say that this is very true - perception is reality; therefore, if you want to have an impact on your clients and business partners' perc...
This is an article I wrote that can apply to Real Estate Agents and Loan OfficersOne For The Money!The number one thing you need to do in the mortgage business is to make loans. That is how we earn a living. Most Loan Officers are looking for ways to build a referral business and get a constant s...
As a speaker, coach, church leader I meet people all the time who share with me what they want. They share what they want in life, in business, in their family etc. We all have wants but do we possess what it takes to get what we want.Most people say they want something, but what they really mean...
I have been overwhelmed by the number of Realtors who have sent me an email to get the Mike Ferry Audio Cd. Rest assured we will get them all out to you and we still have a few left. If anyone is still interested, see my last blog to get more information!As I was on my way home from the gym this ...
You gotta be a giver in life. It is just how things work. That is why I have decided to open my vault of the best marketing and interviews about Successful Real Estate Agents and see how many Active Rainers would like a FREE copy of an Interview with the leading expert in Real Estate Mike Ferry. ...
or are they?We recently held our MEGA MILLIONAIRE REAL ESTATE seminar and presented a complete turn key solution to help Realtors get more business and not spend a penny in advertising. I was speaking to an agent who did not attend but called me to inquire about the program. As I explained the co...
When is the best time to get more referrals? During the sale of course. So if you are a Realtor and you have just got a signed contract and are 30 days from close how can you capitalize on getting a referral? I see way too many agents working the transaction model. That is to say they move from o...
Sales is an interesting profession. You can have huge financial payoff's for sure, but it also has many other benefits as well. One of the biggest mistakes I see Loan Officers and Realtors make is they do not practice empathy. What I mean is that they never take the time to really understand wher...

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