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Most people, even the second on third time homebuyers have the same question, I want to buy a home and need a mortgage but where do I begin? I want to give you some tips on getting the right mortgage in today's changing marketplace, a to do list if you will. Here are a list of To Do's:Get pre app...
Is the market down? Is it bad? Should you just throw in the towel and quit?Not a chance! This is a market full of opportunities! It all begins with your mindset. The number one thing I coach on is mindset. What you think, results in what you say and ultimately your actions. Try this exercise to t...
Angie and I spent the weekend in San Francisco and man I gotta tell you the weather was great! Coming from 95 plus degree days in Nashville to 75 with a water breeze was like a trip to heaven! One of the highlights of our trip was Alcatraz. Now that it is a tourist attraction you can really get a...
Do you know what it is? It is a dirty four letter word so foul that it makes some people cringe at the sound of it. Some people run from it like it is the plague! It has been despised, mocked, and simply banned from some peoples vocabulary. It is thought by many to be a sin, possibly so bad that ...
People will often ask me, "Tim how do I do this or how do I do that?" I only have two answers...information and action! What do I mean, let me explian. You see if you have all the wisdom, knowledge, and information in the world, but you lack the action then all you are is smart.You see ACTION tak...
So have you found out your clients problems yet? If you haven't you need to read my last post on Man I got Problems...Can You Help? you need to go read it right now. If you have read it and done the research then read on...After you have complied the problems your client has, you need to select t...
Richard Lewis said, "I have problems flown in fresh daily wherever I am"Do you have problems? Of course you do, we all have problems. In fact problems are thing thing that keeps us in business. If people didn't have problems, you wouldn't have a job. My wife used to fuss all the time about dust. ...
Wow, who is approved, who isn't. Who can qualify for a loan and who can't? With the recent reduction of loan products from the market, what's a buyer and seller to do? For many people they like to shop for the "best" loan. Isn't their a famous line that when banks compete you win? I think that sh...
It is Sunday night and I wanted to get this in before bed. The radio show was awesome. We had Alan Boyer http://www.leaders-perspective.com/a nationally know business coach along with Micheal Maher http://www.michaeljmaher.com/ along with myself and Tim Chin http://www.bizzbuzzlive.com/home and m...
Good Morning AR!I am sitting here getting ready to be interviewed by Tim Chin of www.bizzbuzzlive.com on the power of networking, but I want to put out a post about a very common mistake I see Realtors make with their marketing. There are 5 critical weapons in marketing, and to be successful with...

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