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    Today's funny 😂😂😂😂😂 10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Smoke Weed 1) Because it makes searching the MLS a hell of a lot more interesting. Get high and do a map search on the coast of Malibu from $10-30 million and get yourself excited about the listings you know you will never get. 2) Because...
Budgeting for Home Ownership Here's what to make room for in your homeowner's budget. Monthly Expenses Principal and interest payment on your mortgage Real estate taxes Homeowners Insurance--ask insurance agent for an estimate Heat--check owner's current bills Electricity--ditto Optional costs: ...
 1. More Social Media!!!! - It’s no secret. This is the age of social media. Potential buyers and clients will check your Facebook page and website to get a good bead on you. Share your successes! Pictures of clients smiling happily at closings. Short tutorials on relevant topics. (how to get you...
  The Early Years Were HardHigh school wasn't easy for Bill. He wanted to fit in; he wanted to make friends; and, he desperately wanted to play sports. Unfortunately, at that age, he didn't have an athletic bone in his body. He was taller than most, lanky, awkward and highly uncoordinated. But th...
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Surprisingly useful Windows programs to have on handHere are some Windows apps, which you won’t launch every day, but are incredibly helpful to have. This program scans your PC and tells you all the specs—model numbers, fan speeds, how much RAM you have, how much you’re using, CPU temperature, ev...
 E-OSCAR If you put your mind to it you can do anything. For example, I can fix the engine in my car all day long; the problem I run into is the inevitability of breaking down alongside the highway on the way to work. Credit restoration is another most certainly not a do-it-yourself project for t...
  With many Millennials entering the housing market this year, it’s likely they might need an extra push with that huge pile of school loans they graduated with.The most expensive part of buying a home is often the down payment, and if you want your child to move out of your basement, you might w...
Written about William Piotrowski on 01/22/2016Closed purchase loan. Naperville, ILWilliam was a dream to work with, made the process of buying a home so easy and the closing was heaven, I was so stressed going into the closing and it was the easiest, most laid back experience, I walked out of the...

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