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FEBRUARY PROPERTY SALES FOR COOK COUNTY Property Sales February Property sales were 3,370, up 4.6% from 3,222 in February of 2015 and 1.3% higher than the 3,327 sales last month. February 2016 sales were at their highest level compared to February of 2015 and 2014. February YTD sales of 6,697 are...
  Payment History: Part 2 Did you know that the Payment History section of your credit score accounts for 35% of your credit-score pie? This is where all of your derogatory items hang out (except for inquiries which get their own piece of the pie). Here’s a question where you might be able to gue...
 Following and Funding Your Passion in RetirementThe day Pete Kauffman and his wife, Margaret, realized they could retire brought a flood of emotions. As small business owners, the couple had to sell nearly everything to get their company going—and keeping it afloat wasn’t always easy either. The...
Is Failure The Key To Success?If at first you don’t succeed, you may be on the path to success—at least when it comes to business.According to a 2014 Stanford University/University of Michigan study, entrepreneurs are more successful the second, third or fourth time around. Using data collected o...
Clear to close a week and a half prior to closing, this first time homebuyer was able to rest easy without worry about her closing. With the help of me, she moved confidently and quickly through the financing process and now has the keys to her beautiful new home in hand.   Congratulations, Nico...
  Payment History part 1 Today’s thrilling topic provides insight on how your credit score is calculated through Payment History. This section of your credit score is weighted the heaviest, coming in at 35%. As the subject suggests, it focuses on the history of your payments. It is said that if y...
Not only do l deliver my customers the perfect mortgage product for their financing needs but I deliver the closing package to them in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. I helped Stacy refinance her home dropping both her interest rate and her monthly payment. Congratulations, Stacy,...
   Confusing Real Estate Terms Decoded Whether you're looking to sell your home or want to explore buying options, you're going to be faced with real estate terminology you may find confusing. Here is a quick guide to help you become better prepared for your transaction. Absorption Rate - The rat...
  March Facts The 3rd month of the year is an outstanding one In the Georgian calendar, the calendar that most of the world uses, March is the third month of the year. However, it was the first month and named Martius in the early Roman calendar. Later, the ancient Romans made January to be the f...
2016 has been a fantastic year for you so far! As you may have seen on the news, interest rates are down once again, But for how long...that is always the million dollar question. So here's the deal, when rates fall it is usually in conjunction with the economy (I mean, it's not that simple but ...

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