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Mision Viejo Realtor Area Market Report - 3/27/2011 This weeks market report for Mission Viejo and surrounding areas from Mission Viejo Realtor shows that Orange County Median Prices for the resale homes were down 1.8 percent, for new homes it is down 2.1 percent and for resale condos up 0.7 perc...
Good news since employment will help the real estate market we got the February results and the job market is looking better.  The number of people who filed for unemployment benefits sank to the lowest point in nearly 3 years.  The applications for unemployment benefits fell by 20,000 according ...
February was a difficult month for real estate.  February is usually better than January, this year it was not.  In fact, DataQuick reported Orange County home sales fell when compared to January and to a year ago.  Oops there is a problem.  I really thought that the market was moving well and we...
Some of my client's look to me and ask, "So, what do you think is going on in the Real Estate market"?  I would then ask are you purchasing because you need a home to own or are you investing in Real Estate. It does make a difference.  However, without going into that at this time I would like to...
Mortgage Credit Certificate   A Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) allows the homebuyer to claim a tax credit for some portion of the mortgage interest paid per year. It is a dollar-for-dollar reduction against their federal tax liability. The mortgage interest credit provided by an MCC is a non-r...
Many of my clients want to know how they might get rid of PMI.  In  order to get rid of the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) there are a few thing you need to know. PMI, is generally required by the lender or the investor when the borrower does not have a 20% down payment. More precisely, mortgag...
Mision Viejo Realtor Area Market Report - 3/20/2011 This weeks market report for Mission Viejo and surrounding areas from Mission Viejo Realtor shows that Orange County Median Prices for the resale homes were down 3.1 percent, for new homes it is up 4.8 percent and for resale condos up 1.8 percen...
Hereis another report on homes that are lessthan the homeowner's ripe for a short sale.  I do not know if the general population of homeowner knows the meaning of short sale.  I do know they know when their e  is upside down.  The number of homes that are upside down in Orange County increased in...
The California Association of Realtors realeased a survey that 43 percent of the sales on distressed homes(short sales) collapse are caused by bank delays.  It is a good survey.  It shows that real estate agents are frustrated with the bank process of handling short sales.  The short sale system ...
I was surprised again by a new statistic, more than 56,000 Orange County homes are vacant.  That is a 64 percent increase in a 10 year period.  The U.S. Census calculated that in 2010 a massive increase in vacant homes in a report released on Tuesday.  That is a very high figure.  That would mean...

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