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The most important marketing tool for any business owner, especially real estate agents, should be your personal website.   If a realtor does not make the effort to properly learn the fundamentals of SEO, it can mean the difference between a website being successful, or failing.    Success in ter...
The mortgage industry has gone through several changes in the last few years.   The ability to refinance your home loan has become increasingly difficult, and lenders are requiring borrowers to jump through more hoops than ever.   Many homeowners are trying to take advantage of historically low i...
Last week I was off to the office when I received a phone call from a potential client.    The potential client and I had lunch plans that day, and he was calling to confirm our appointment, and to ask if I would mind driving.   Of course I agreed, and then detoured to the closest full service ca...
The DC Metro area was one of the fastest appreciating areas in the country for homes during the last 5 years.   Like the old saying goes, “What goes up, must come down”, and many have felt the pinch of the housing crunch over the last year.   Falling home prices have caused financial hardship for...
Timing plays an important role in so many things in our life.   There is something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.    Buying a stock, purchasing a house, or asking for a raise, are all about timing.    Now, refinancing also requires a little bit of timing as well. Ear...
The credit crisis got a much needed shot in the arm this week with the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.   Immediately we saw a nice improvement to interest rates as well as many sectors of the stock market.   Nobody knows if this is going to be the answer to the housing crisis, ...
We have all read about the homeowner who has taken out the 50 year, interest only, adjustable loan 3 years ago and now that the payment is recasting, they can no longer afford their home.    It seems you can't read a blog or newspaper article about homeowners, and not find one who hasn't  fallen ...
ATM's charge high fees when you withdraw your OWN money from a competing bank's machine.   This fee ranges from $2.00 to as high as $10 if you ever needed to get some cash from a Casino in Atlantic City.   It is absolutely insane that we pay these high fees in order to access our own cash, but I ...
My cell phone rang again today.   Another potential borrower looking to refinance off a piece of my direct mail.    I don't think I get more excited than when I hear "I got a piece of mail from you and I would like to refinance.   Can you help me?"   The excitement is one thing......REALITY IS AN...
  Is it possible that someone can benefit from decreasing home values, record setting foreclosures, short sales and a volatile economy?   Not only is it possible, it is happening daily!    Home Buyers are finding bargains on every corner and now the buyer seems to be holding all the cards.   We h...

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