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LISTEN WITH BOTH EARS ON:   It is so easy to talk.  Open your mouth and magically words appear.  Sometimes we don't have to turn on the brain.  For many of us, the toughest part of the communication process is to simply be quiet and listen, actively focusing on, paying attention to, and truly hea...
CALM: BE CALM AND AT PEACE TODAY. To separate from the stresses in your life's schedule is the goal today.  Strive to consciously slow down your thoughts and change your perceptions.  Calmly and gracefully, you can handle all that confronts you. People, events, children, and projects will smother...
I AM YOUR MASTER I can make you rise or fall.I can make you a success OR failure.I control your feelings and actions.I can make your heart sing with happiness.I can make you wretched, dejected, or morbid.I can make you angry and resentful. I can make you lonely, discouraged or depressed.I can mak...
Creed for Optimists: *  Be so strong that NOTHING can disturb your peace of mind.*  Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.*  Make all your friends, clients, and family feel there is something GOOD in them.*  Look at the sunny side and POSITIVE SIDE of everything. *  Thin...
AWARENESS: Today we awaken to a world of choices.  Let's release the old baggage of yesterday.  Each situation provides new opportunities to fill our world with new ways of being.  Our eyes are open, our breathing is consistent, our ears are tuned to clarity.  We speak our mind and "Choose Life" ...
 THINK YOUR BEST: Right now, you have the opportunity to choose your thoughts...and the thoughts you choose will have a direct impact on the life you live. Your thoughts focus your awareness.  The direction of your awareness determines which of life's possibilities you see, explore and fulfill. T...
Good morning and hello there again.  Happy Monday.  Hope this Blog finds you doing well and had a enjoyable weekend.  Wanted to pass along Tim's Time Outs: THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: There are two days in every week about which we should NOT worry,two days which should be kept from fear and apprehensio...
Hope this email finds you doing well this Tuesday and had a enjoyable weekend and a fantastic Monday.  Sharing Tim's Time Outs: RELAXING: I will breathe, I will feel, I WILL RELAX Today, commit yourself to three basic tasks that mark a new beginning; I will breathe, I will feel, I WILL RELAX,  To...
Good morning. Hope this post finds you doing well this Tuesday and you had a great Monday and had a wonderful July 4th celebration. Wanted to share Tim's Time Outs:   GREATER INFLUENCE:    You have a much greater influence than you can every know.  So make sure to make your influence a POSITIVE ...
Good Morning and hello there again and a Happy Monday.  Hope this Post finds you doing well, safe, and healthy and had a great weekend.  On a personal note-so excited and blessed to share: Today I am celebrating 18 years of Cancer FREE, AND being a licensed Realtor in the Twin Cities of Minnesota...

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