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                  We talk to a lot of property owners who are not sure whether they should sell their Orlando property or hold onto it and rent it out. This is a personal decision that depends on your particular situation. However, if you need help deciding what to do with your house, we have a f...
               Today, we are talking about how to set the best price on your rental home. A lot of landlords think that they can list their home at whatever price they desire, based on their mortgage payment or what kind of rental income they want to achieve. However, it’s not the property owner ...
                  Vacancies cost landlords money. Every day that your rental property is vacant is a day that you aren’t earning rental income. Therefore, it’s important to keep good tenants in your property, and it’s also important to get that home rented quickly when a tenant moves out. Here ar...
                Today at Legends Realty, we will be talking about short and long term leases. Rental properties fall into two categories – long term rentals and short term rentals. When you rent your home out for the long term, you know you’ll have the same tenants in place for an extended period...
               One of the biggest concerns for landlords is that a tenant will damage the property. This is understandable, and you don’t want to be cleaning up messes and making large repairs between tenants. There are a few things you can do to prevent costly tenant damage.   Screening   A thor...
                Mold can be very dangerous to your investment property as well as any tenants you have living in it. It’s a problem that develops when moisture builds up inside the house. This is often the result of windows that aren’t insulated well. These four tips will help you take care of an...
                  Security deposit disputes are the most common source of contention between landlords and tenants at the end of a lease term. It’s important that tenants understand everything that is expected of them before they move out in order to get the full amount of their security deposit ...
                  Buying a home in Orlando is a valuable investment, and the market is in an ideal position to make the dream of homeownership a real possibility for many people. Before you sign on the dotted line, there are some considerations you’ll need to remember when you’re transitioning fr...
                Investing in the Orlando rental market can provide an immediate cash flow as well as outstanding long term returns. When you decide to purchase investment property, there are five specific things that will help you be more successful. Investment Goals   Establish your investment g...
                Attracting good tenants for your rental property is not as complicated as you may think. As long as you follow a few basic tips, you will successfully find and place responsible tenants who pay rent on time and take good care of your property. Property Condition First impressions ...

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