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I LOVE Real Estate, and I LOVE the Title Business!
      Working in the title business is the best part of the housing industry because we get to see the happy customers walk out the door.  The Realtors have done their work; the Brokers have done their work; and the Lenders have given their approval.  We get to set the stage, prepare the script a...

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To me the Title Business is the cog on which the whole Real Estate industry of turns. I say this because without the public records there would be utter chaos. Title Agents are authors of those records, and their underwriters guarantee that the records are accurate. The ease of everyone's job in this business depends on the accuracy of the facts--even the MLS records derive much of their information from the public records. Realtors® and Mortgage Brokers are our customers. No industry is exempt from problems--but for the most part, I believe you can count on your Title Agent to do the job you trust him/her to do.