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 This is a picture of the ORIGINAL iPhone Model T in the 1950's.    At least I think it was.  I'm not really sure, because I wasn't around then.  But just think, when this phone  was introduced it was the latest & greatest, probably only came in one color, and people no doubt "ooohed  and aaahed...
How many times have you called a store, vendor, or any other kind of business, only to be answered by an automated answering system? Press 1 if.... Press 2 if.... Press 3 if.... Once you finally make a selection, there are yet more automated options. When you finally hear all the choices and make...
How many countless times have we read headlines about what the experts say? This morning I awakened my computer and scanned the headlines, as always.  Today the headline was,                             "Experts: Fiscal Cliff Avoided." Well I don't know who these "experts" are, but they need to g...
We keep hearing how the economy is getting better, and that we've ostensibly been out of a recession for a couple of years.  Yet I'm just not seeing it here. What is it like in Michigan? Your thoughts are most welcome.   Thank you.
When sickness strikes a member of the family, the real estate sole proprietor is all of a sudden faced with juggling two very important priorities:      1.  Caring for the loved one in the hospital, and/or      2.  Keeping the pipeline filled so you can pay for the upcoming hospital expenses. In ...
I finally took the plunge.  The addiction to my 3-year-old Crackberry (a nice phone in it's day) was easily broken once that sleek, svelt iPhone 4S slid into my now-virtual, button-tapping fingers.  The nearly 80 free apps I had downloaded into iTunes (I wasn't excited or anything, was I?) showe...
  Finally!  After what seemed like forever, the long-anticipated iPhone for Verizon is finally going to start shipping in February!     If you use the iPhone in your real estate business, I would welcome hearing all the ways it helps you in your real estate business, and the not so good stories,...
   A couple of months ago I wrote a quick blog post seeking the experience from anyone using either the iPhone or Droid.  Several responded, which was helpful.      I chose to try the Droid X.  Amazing phone.  Does all sorts of whiz-bang things that were very convenient and even useful.     Only ...
                            Droid X Seems like technology is moving at a faster and faster pace these days, doesn't it though?! Manufacturers have made huge strides, even in the last two years.  Apple iPhone, several different Motorola Droids, RIM Blackberry.  Sheeesh!  What to choose?? Apple iP...
Today I made a request of someone, and they said, "No."  In fact, they politely told me why it wasn't even possible. I then went to someone else within the same organization and asked them.  Again the answer was a polite, "No", but this time they gave me several reasons why my request COULD NOT r...

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