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When is the last time you showed property without spending all of your time between properties in the car?Even when showing properties in the same neighborhood, the habit of jumping in the car to go down the street to the next showing is a hard habit to break sometimes (especially in the heat of ...
If you have deferred student loans and are considering buying a home - you might want to make a decision sooner rather than later. In the latest edition of the FHA Handbook (released today), your student loans may have enough of an effect on your debt/income ratio that your ability to get a loan ...
Oh the value of the interwebs - what an amazing tool to share knowledge, establish expertise & promote one's expertise! At our fingertips are an endless variety of blogs, sites & social media tools that are ingredients of the digital stew that feed and nourish our businesses...and can sour or tai...
How would you like to look your client in the eye & tell them straight out that you saved them & their neighbors $500 Million?  Thanks to RAPAC in Tucson, you can!***(Note to reader - RAPAC is the REALTOR Arizona Political Action Committee - RPAC is the national arm of the SuperPAC)The City of Tu...
The Tucson Modern Streetcar celebrates its 1st Anniversary of operation this weekend, with ridership that has exceeded goals - averaging over 4,000 riders per month (11% over the expectation of 3,600 monthly riders).  The Sunlink Streetcar posted 1,000,000 passenger rides about 6 weeks ahead of s...
Get a bunch of real estate agents together (in any setting...online, over drinks, in the boardroom, by the water cooler, in a parking lot...whatever), mention the phrase "data integrity" and without fail, heads will start nodding, hands will go over hearts & a faraway stare (supposed to mimic tha...
Yesterday, I co-hosted a class on Downtown Growth Trends (poolside at a condo complex I have the exclusive on).  Tucson's Downtown is undergoing a huge surge of interest due to the new streetcar connecting it with the University of Arizona - between public & private investment, upwards of $900 Mi...
At NAR's Mid-Year Conference in Washington D.C. (now rebranded as the REALTOR Party Convention & Trade Expo), there are always issues before the Board of Directors that drop out of the sky like a sudden downpour to drown out the conversations started earlier in the week.  This year is no differen...
HUD could be causing prices to tumble further as an unintended consequence of its attempts to be fair in assigning properties to listing agents in some communities.  While a particular community may be geographically close to another city, that city may belong to an MLS system that doesn't really...
The Real Estate Hall of Shame - not sure if anyone has built one yet, but I found a property today that could qualify as a good place to house the "How Not To Use Equity In Your Home" exhibit.  I think it used to be Homer Simpson's place.  He lost it to foreclosure. Lets take a peek behind the sc...

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