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  When first I heard about this topic for a short essay, it intrigued me greatly: The opportunity to write about something that I am passionate about is a great gift, and possible subjects whirled instantly through my mind…the farmland my family still holds, NMSU Aggie Basketball, good coffee, ch...
Thought I would post this here so that everyone could have a chance to read the full text without having to sort through snippets & blurbs in newspapers or interpret the sound bites on news shows. This text is taken directly from the White House website, as is President Obama's photo.     Wednesd...
Not long ago...way back in 2008 or so...one could expect 30 days from acceptance of terms to closing on a property to be reasonable.  With few exceptions, this is an unreasonably swift expectation today. Underwriting departments are swamped with work right now, and even the best of them are seein...
There's been a lot of focus on the Economic Stimulus package lately...and whatever happens, effects will take some time to be felt on a local level.  Why wait?  Why not see what can be done without Congress...and take charge of our own economic recovery on a local level? This afternoon in El Pres...
On Sunday I was really excited to see snow on the Catalina Mountains that are the northern landmark of Tucson.  Few people outside the area know that Tucson's elevation is roughly around 2400 ft above sea level.  Mt. Lemmon, the peak of the Santa Catalina Mountain range, is over 9100 ft, which is...
      If you would like your own home in the Foothills of Tucson (or anywhere in the area)...& be able to have the Catalina Mountains as your backyard, give me a call!  School District 16 is very highly regarded, and homes generally start in the $300s and condos start in the $150s - who said a be...
Regina P. Brown is a respected REALTOR® in San Luis Obispo - on the Coast of California. I'm re-posting her story of the ongoing struggle a homeowner is having with Citibank in the effort to save their home...and the incredibly arrogant and unethical way that they are being treated. I'm sure that...
Art. Architecture.  Arizona. The Desert.  Shape, form, function. Stunning views, the harmony of life & habitat. Elegance, comfort and making best use of the world that surrounds a location.     For years, decades even, architects have found inspiration in the desert beauty of Arizona.  Names like...
One of the things that Tucson is most proud of is its educational opportunities & offerings.  We've got highly competitive public schools (including BASIS Charter - consistently one of the nation's best ranked), highly selective private schools & specialized academies, Pima Community College - on...
I know I've got a lead foot sometimes, but I'm not crazy about it...rarely go over the limit by more than 5 MPH.  Nevertheless, when I need to get somewhere in a hurry, sometimes the traffic just seems to go so slow...and I know just the streets to travel where I can get away with it! NOT ANYMORE...

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