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When relocating to Tucson, the reasons vary - a job transfer, health issues, lifestyle changes, pursuing a dream...or something as simple as following your heart.  Here's a little about one man who did that...and has become a champion, along with his partner, a wild mustang named B.I.G. - one of ...
Are you advertising yourself on your car yet?  For some, it seems a "no-brainer" - cheap, easy and, after all - we're on the road quite a bit in this industry, aren't we?  Now comes the tough part...are you doing it legally? Besides making sure that your signage is broker-approved & conforms to t...
Early this evening, I got a call from a young man looking to begin investing in real estate, but unsure of where to start.  After a few questions, it was apparent that he really was at the very beginning of his journey, and was reaching out for some guidance.  What resulted was the most rewarding...
In its never-ending quest to provide better services for both agents and the public, the Tucson MLS has decided to change its MLS software to FlexMLS by FBS of North Dakota! I, for one, am extremely happy with the decision - and I hope you will be too.  To take a quick peek at what it looks like ...
Is there a difference between urgency and pressure when working with a client?   YES!  When working with buyers, put yourself in their shoes, and take a look at what they are experiencing from their perspective.  Often times a buyer is so focused on finding “the perfect house” or overwhelmed by a...
This morning, at the Historic Train Depot in downtown Tucson, the official announcement of the TIGER Grant that will allow the Modern Streetcar project to go from dream to tracks & trolleys was attended by hundreds of people. Here is a video montage of some of the speeches:   Congresswoman Gabrie...
IT'S OFFICIAL!  Tucson's Modern Streetcar in Downtown is a GO!  This morning, the City of Tucson found out that it will receive the $63M from the Federal Government to make the proposed Trolley/Modern Streetcar project a reality.  The $150M project is being funded through local funds that have be...
If you're looking for a home in Tucson - one thing on almost everyone's shopping list is a view.  In the gated home community of Sabino Mountain in Northeast Tucson, the views are simply amazing!  Located atop a ridge on the east side of the Sabino Canyon area, whether you want mountain or city v...
Tune in to Real Estate RoundTable on BlogTalkRadio for our discussion on Home Inspections & The Homebuyer Tax Credit!  Broadcast time is 12:30 PM Central for your lunchtime pleasure (that's 1:30 pm Eastern, or 11:30 am Mountain & 10:30 am Pacific).  Join in the discussion & ask questions in our c...
  Watch out world!  The Real Estate RoundTable internet radio show is joining the JCKC Network on BlogTalkRadio! Last Friday, Ryan Shaugnessy and I started our new show, Real Estate RoundTable, on BlogTalkRadio.  Flush with endorphins after finally getting the show started, we were taken to anoth...

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