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Could repeal of FIRPTA help the recovery of this nation's real estate market?  In this morning's Globe St. News, the subject was FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act), the 1980 measure that adds a layer of tax on the sale of any real estate owned by a non-citizen of the U.S. The ar...
Dale Baker is a home inspector par excellence (now if only we could get him to move to Tucson, huh?). He writes very informative and helpful articles for people - not only about home inspecting, but maintenance and safety issues.  This is the first of a 12-part series on Fire Safety.  It is writt...
FHA is going to make it easier to finance the purchase of a condo - at least temporarily. In an article by Marilyn Alva, Investors Business Daily reported today that the new loan guidelines released by the Federal Housing Administration on Monday will relax the restrictions that have kept condos ...
HOA fees in Tucson are rising (as well as other places). Working with some first time homebuyers lately, we were comparing the rates that a few different homeowner associations were charging for similar benefits in the same general part of town.  After a little discussion and some serious digging...
For 40 years, the concept that "Brighter, Funnier & Furrier" could be used to captivate children while teaching them at the same time has enriched lives around the globe.  Sesame Street turns 40 today - can you believe it !?! When I heard this on NPR this morning, a smile tugged at the corners of...
I almost missed it, but glad I didn't. I saw the most spectacular "rear" today while driving home from my office! A Spectacular Rear - Tucson Style!   I know some of you may be scratching your head, wondering"What in the world is he talking about?" I'm talking about one of those "Wow - I'm Truly ...
  With all of the tough times we've had so far, and will have while digging out of this economic crisis - one of my firmest beliefs is that we have to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and dig into OUR OWN character reservoirs to get out of the hole. Janet Guilbault, a mortgage banker/broker in...
European style loft with "old brick warehouse" look in Downtown Tucson's award-winning Mercado District.  Lofts in the Tucson Metro Area are rare - and ones as smartly executed as this one are nearly impossible to find.  This townhouse also boasts a 2-car garage with a guest apartment above. The ...
In Tucson, if you're going to a special luncheon or banquet - chances are that it will be held at the Manning House in Downtown Tucson.  The grounds are over 5 acres - with lush gardens that withstand the heat of summer while providing color year-round. Designed and built by reknowned architect H...
In this day & age of enhanced communication abilities - nothing beats a real face-to-face conversation.  How about having one when tens, hundreds and even thousands of miles separate the desired participants? Having a video conference used to be the bastion of corporations with deep pockets to be...

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