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  When you think of Tucson - you might have a few things come to mind right away...saguaro cactus, warm winters, golf galore...maybe even a couple of our famous world-class spas might jump right out at you. Did you ever think of Tucson when manufacturing & technology are being discussed? Maybe y...
...well, maybe not the world, but it sure did save the day for my contractor today! It all started with a simple call to the City of Tucson Planning & Zoning Department to set an appointment for final inspection on some work done to remedy some violations found at a property my clients want to bu...
Details, details, details - relocating is a real exercise in attention to them.  One frequently overlooked (but quickly frustrating) thing is learning where your cell phone will or will not work in a new area. In the Tucson area, cell coverage is generally pretty good, but given the fact that our...
One of the wonderful things about the Tucson area is its sense of history - whether it is the legacy of 10,000 years ago left behind by the earliest inhabitants, the architecture of the Conquistador period or the legends of the "Old West" that whisper around every corner. The other day, I was exp...
Those of you who know me - know that I'm a junkie when it comes to statistical information.  I devour stats like George Will devours baseball history. One thing I've noticed is that very few market reports make it easy for the consumer to see information on homes that are eligible for FHA and VA ...
I often work with people who are looking at their real estate as an investment rather than a home.  Looking for multi-family properties where the numbers made sense last year was a challenge, to say the least.  With interest rates hovering in the mid-7% range for investment properties, crunching ...
Passages of Tucson is making steady progress.  Locally, some folks refer to the project in the SE area of the Tucson Metro - known as Vail, Arizona, as Tucson's "Mall of America" which really isn't far off of the mark, since one of the principals, Bob Hoffman, was an instrumental part of the team...
  Here's some interesting data on where the Federal 1st-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is getting utilized the most. Ryan Shaughnessy is a broker (and fellow stats junkie) from St. Louis, MO.  He and I will be starting a radio show together next month - stay tuned!   FEDERAL FIRST TIME HOME BUYER TAX...
One of my friends on Facebook shared this video today - after picking myself up off the floor and wiping the tears from my eyes I just HAD to share this with everyone I could:     Unfortunately, the feeling is dangerously close to the mark when dealing with the agents & "banks" that are putting f...
Have you been thinking about a Green Home?       What goes into a "Green" house?    Who determines what "Green" is, and how green is it?             Are they expensive?  What can I do to make my existing home more energy efficient? Where do I start? If you live in Pima County Arizona (home to Tuc...

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