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Below, you can see TucsonKent's Top 10 foreclosures for sale under $300,000 in the Tucson real estate market.  As noted in the previous post, the foreclosure market is the hottest segment in Tucson real estate right now.  With the $8000 tax credit, good interest rates and low prices, first-time h...
These are TucsonKent's Top 10 foreclosure homes priced under $200,000 in the Tucson, Arizona real estate market.  These homes are not fix-ups, they may need a little TLC, cosmetics or an appliance or two, but they are either move-in ready or close to it. What's the hottest market segment in Tucso...
While doing some research on a property for an investor client, I ran across some interesting statistics for the neighborhood over the past few years. Really interesting statistics that ran contrary to grain of the market in general for Tucson real estate. Excited to share this, I "Tweeted" my i...
What's the market like?  How are sales?  What are prices doing? Here are some answers for you: In the chart below are 7 different analysis metrics to help you get a picture of how the flow of the real estate market is going.  This chart is for the 85719 Zip Code - which covers a lot of the Univer...
  Foreign nationals wishing to become permanent residents in the United States can sometimes run into maddening restrictions or quotas that can vary, depending on political swings both in Washington D.C. and in their countries of origin. Those that have the financial means are using the “Investme...
Ryan Shaughnessy, when he isn't busy being a broker, or a lawyer, or teaching social media, or being a dad, or...well, you get the idea...he takes some time out of his day to share resources with all of us that can be helpful. To help spread the good stuff around & give Ryan some more exposure, h...
Lets face reality here:  no matter how much somebody wants to buy a home, not everyone is in the financial shape to do so. Nevertheless, in our "gotta have it now" society, profiteers pop up to indulge people's impatience and stupidity.  In just about every town in America, you'll see stores offe...
Recently the "Battle of The Budget" raged in the halls of Arizona state government and new paths were worn in the flooring from endless pacing by reporters, constituents and all manner of interested parties. Despite all of the posturing, prognosticating, pandering and pleading...predictably, we s...
    ...Ennntttt!  Wrong Answer Luddites Here is just one (1) afternoon of results of utilizing social media. Case in point:  This morning our Tucson MLS announced that it had (finally) enabled its member agents to search for (or exclude) short sales when looking for properties on the system. At a...
Well, the other day I posted a photo of Pinal AirPark...actually a photo of the mountains & the sunset - with Pinal AirPark part of the foreground.  Don't have a big ol' zoom on my little Kodak to really get the planes close-up. Readers asked me to get better photos of the mothballed passenger ai...

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