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My chance to share with the world what I'm excited about in Colorado Springs: from things to do and see, places to visit as well as what makes the Pikes Peak area a wonderful place to call your home.
Jewel Box Homes - Boomers trending towards Compact Luxury The kids are raised, the huge family home is starting to need some expensive updates, and truthfully it's a whole lot of work to maintain. Some baby boomers are opting for the Jewel Box - a compact but luxurious place to call home. These l...
So true, renters who have no stake in the sale have been the worst. Stepping arouind animal mess is always fun! Good tips for sellers. Why do some houses sit around for ages while their neighbors fly off the shelf?  The sellers often think their home lingers because it's something their agent is ...
When you want to give a meal to someone in need. A recent tragedy in our community made me aware of this valuable and innovative resource - Take Them a Meal.com. Similar to a church meals committee - this incredible website Does it All for You: it IS the committee, the site will allow you to: Co...
Boy this is so important. Thanks for the thump on the head. I am seriously considering installing the app that disables our family phones when we're driving, eventhough it will also disable passenger phones. Texting while driving is against the law. So is trying to read emails on your cell phone....
Good advice for both sellers and agents alike. Appreciate the commentary on printed ads. Have noticed the same results as well. Well said, thanks Bryan. As a home seller, you're relying on your agent to do a quality job of marketing your property.  That what you hired them for!  You've probably r...
The Real South Park - A Fun Daytrip from Colorado Springs Hidden high in the Rockies, about 90 miles from Colorado Springs or Denver, is the tiny mountain community of Fairplay. Originally settled by gold miners in the 1800s who were fed up with the unfair practices in the surrounding area, they ...
What's all the fuss about Radon? All the fuss about Radon is that it's a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that occurs naturally as an indirect decay product of uranium or thorium, found in granite. The entire Rocky Mountain region - which is high in decomposing granite - consequent...
  It's time to move, what do I do? Recently, I was contacted by a young military couple who were moving to the Ft Carson area. They were looking for a home, and couldn't decide between buying or renting. At first, I assumed the wife was calling from their old location preparing to make the move....
Top 10 Outdoor Things to do in Colorado Springs With spring and summer just around the corner, you'll find Colorado Springs to be a mecca for almost every kind of sport enthusiast. You'll want to know what the Top 10 things to do are: 10. Hiking trails alongside the numerous, always beautiful wat...
 IB Schools in Colorado Springs ( List posted Below) Parents can be excited about choosing from the International Baccalaureate IB schools in Colorado Springs because of "Open Enrollment", which is the option for Colorado students to enroll in their school of choice other than their assigned "nei...

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