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The brick and mortar of this blog is the expertise, insights and experiences I have gained as one of Chicago's top real estate professionals. With my team The Real Estate Lounge Chicago I am affiliated with @properties. My success is partly due to hard work and market knowledge, but mostly it’s old and new clients choosing me. I hope you enjoy. I also hope when it’s time for you to buy or sell a home that you turn to me.
Saturday. Just after noon on another action-packed day amid the fray of the Chicago real estate market. With the first of January arrived the spring market. And so far the spring market has been just that - springy! Things are active, showings are up, written contracts are many, and activity is e...
Puffy cheeked angels are hurling ever-damper spitballs earthbound as Chicago gears up for its first substantial snow of the season. Sitting in my North Shore perch, a Starbucks near my sons' school, I ease from one task to the next, observing the gathering expression of wintry nature. From the vo...
Beginner's mind. Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki brought this notion to full flower when he said - In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. For more than 10 years I have assisted buyers and seller in the Chicago and North Shore real estate markets with t...
Friday is share day in my son Jackson's kindergarten class. Share day, for those of you not savvy as to twenty-eleven lexicon in the halls of certain North Shore learning centers, is the equivalent of show-and-tell. So this morning was witness to me and my newly minted six-year-old son braving th...
It is 4pm on a rainy Thursday. Dampness combined with coolness and a general lack of sunlight imbues me with a Nordic dread of the season to come, the season after fall in Chicago. Well, at least the windows at home are still open. While temps dipped at least a dozen degrees from yesterday the ai...
"Clear to close." These are the words we await when a house or condo wends its way to closing when a loan is involved. And in the current market what we know to be true is simply "it ain't over 'til it's over." Last week on Friday morning my buying clients received a verbal "clear to close." Fort...
Hell or high water. I suppose somewhere online there's a tracing of the semantic geneaology of the comment. Maybe a wikapedia article that traces it back to the guy who first uttered it. Whatever the case, to this day the combination of words is simply fine when it comes to describing that a task...
Smorgasbord. I thought of the word last night when I looked at a picture my wife snapped of me and the boys (they with painted faces and me simply grinning) as we enjoyed Midsommarfest on Clark Street in Andersonville. Over my shoulder in the lovely pic was a sign for a little shop featuring said...
Fresh sensibility. It's one of the things that kids do so very well. Whether it's coloring outside of the lines or singing a song with the slightest lyrical alteration. Another gift they provide is saying words they've heard me or you say but offering them through the filter of their own hearing....
I laughed at a friend's facebook post yesterday. She said something to the effect of a roll of paper towels at Costco costing her $125. I wonder how she does it when the same roll costs me $300? As I mull over lopsided economics and prices we pay for common and typical things let me parlay her hu...

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