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There is a lot to say about Irvine condos. Irvine is such a beautiful place to live and to be living in Irvine condominiums is the way to go! So many people would love to live in condos in Irvine CA and there are thousands to choose from. If you've ever visited Irvine CA you already know how gorg...
So many people have so many different insurance questions and it seems as if most agents would rather just collect your money than spend any time helping you understand your policy. I've heard a lot of people say they spend more time on hold with their agent than getting any answers out of them a...
What can possibly be as frustrating as trying to get answers to your auto insurance questions from your insurance agent. It seems as if all they're really interested in is up selling you into a new policy for a greater premium, or even worse, to be able to charge you those dreaded broker fees! We...
Coto de Caza Real Estate I'd like to welcome you to one of Orange County's oldest planned communities, Coto De Caza. This beautiful location is secured by uniformed guards and monitored by cameras. In this master planned community serenity and peace surround you at all times assuring you that Cot...
OK, so you know you need a CRM, and you're asking yourself if you should choose a client side CRM or a web based CRM? The answer here lies in what your business model is and how many people you work with (or that works for you). If you're a loan wolf agent, then a client side system can have it's...
I've talked to a lot of people looking for the best Real Estate CRM software package out there and let me tell you about one that I think will really knock your socks off! It's called Masterdigm© and you can find them online at This real estate CRM software system has a...
To those of us that have been involved in a business networking group we know how important it is, but for those that have yet to get involved, let me give you a few benefits of being involved and what to look for in a business networking group that will give you what you're looking for (i.e. REF...
Everyone here knows they need to involve themselves in more business networking but not everyone is always sure how to go about getting started. If at first you take the time to look into getting into a business networking group that has a lot of members that aren't in your industry vertical you'...
A lot of people have been talking about business networking for years and how it can help your business, but how do you get started? At this point we all know that business networking is imperative in our daily business lives, but very few people tell you how to get started making business networ...
I know that you've heard a lot about professional business networking. You know that it's been helpful to a lot of other business professionals, but how can you make it work for you? First of all it has a lot to do with the professional business networking group the you involve yourself in and wi...

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