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The National Association of Realtors represents the nation’s real estate industry. While the bulk of its issues tend to deal with property management and control, the group also lobbies members of Congress and the administration on virtually every issue facing business, including health care refo...
Realty Executives Phoenix. Lockouts at offices, a lawsuit by an office building owner, and Friday’s announcement that Realty Executives will be filing a ChRealty Executives Phoenix. Lockouts at offices, a lawsuit by an office building owner, and Friday’s announcement that Realty Executives will b...
(China) Zhou Yu, 28, a Jiangsu Province native and Century21 branch manager was found dead in his apartment earlier this week. Family members claim Yu’s death was caused by overwork and fatigue, although no determination has been made yet as to the official cause of death
U.S. Army sergeant David Brash was awarded the damages in March, after a Columbus, Ga. jury found that PHH Mortgage, the country's eighth largestmortgage servicer, had incorrectly reported Brash to credit score companies as "seriously delinquent" despite the fact that all his mortgage payments ha...
Bank of America released a statement in response to the controversy saying Lennon had fallen behind on her payments, becoming delinquent. In turn, TBLT's Ryan Acuff said that while Lennon was delinquent on payments to Countrywide and Bank of America, she had "not only met with the Housing Counci...
Move Acquires Online Real Estate Listing Syndicator ListHub For $13 Million
A local realtor who was trying to show a home over the weekend said she walked into a show she did not want to see. Police said April Espinosa was inside the Southwest Albuquerque home having sex with an unnamed man. Espinosa told the realtor it used to be her grandparent’s home but they had rec...
SAN ANTONIO -- New charges have been filed against a man already under arrest for beating and trying to kidnap a San Antonio realtor.Emilio Maldonado is now charged with aggravated kidnapping. He had already been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say Maldonado attacked ...
"The builder took out a mortgage on the house in Ty's name. Then he turned around and maintained the mortgage until Ty came back and bought that house," Foley said. "This builder sounds like a pretty slick dude and I would love to see him making little rocks out of big ones someplace."   http://w...
BOA is threatening to proceed with foreclosure on a house that was NEVER late or in risk of default. No one at BOA can find where this letter came from, but admits, that somewhere in there system, some department at BOA thinks we are to be foreclosed on. This is just proof that BOA is far too lar...

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