We have had 10 showings in 13 days for 1424 W Woodshire Dr 37922 This home will be sold soon! Just marketing plan has yielded over 4,000 hits on and that doesn't even account for Century21 or MY website. Exposure is the 2nd most important thing next to PRICE. But what about l...
So I just did a basic search for ALL of Knoxville, TN on to make sure my NEW listing 1424 W Woodshire was still #2 on page 1 (shameless plug) and I noticed there were 2,210 listings between 0-180k. Using the EXACT same criteria on Zillow, there were 1,479 listings. 731 LISTINGS DIFFER...
You make your money when you BUY the home vs when you SELL it! Think about it.
Every 1 of my listings has a YouTube Video that goes with the listing. It is shot like I am walking you through an Open House on a Sunday afternoon, but instead you are sitting with your tablet or watching on your phone.Because every video IP is captured AND the fact that I send most traffic thro...
At this time of year, when people have a hundred things happening, is a great time to submit that contract! Chances are unless you are paying cash, you probably won't close til Jan or February anyways. A lot of people would like to know their home sale is locked up by the New Year. As a result th...
Ah what a mixed bag of nuts these two are! Each have their own headaches that I will ty to touch on here. Investment properties - While the foreclosure market presents unheard of oppurtunities in this area, there are some potholes to look for. Remember with a foreclosure you have to take into acc...
So as a Realtor who does 75% of my business with investors, I can tell you it is a tricky market. The problem is, where I live in Knoxville, we have been for the most part insulated from the foreclosure gluts that you see on the east coast, FL, and Cali. So the national news talks about buying fo...
SOCIALISM - Definition according Please remember I am not calling you a socialist, just informing you that your views are, by definition, socialist. 1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of produc...
Ya know when BHO got elected I came on here and said there would be no bi-partisanism from the most partisan voting Senator in the Senate. A bunch of you railed me saying "lets give it a chance!" "He will reach across the aisle" "blah, blah, blah!"! Well now you are going to get axactly what you ...
When a client asks me - "Should we leave room to negotiate? I usually respond with - "Only if you dont want to sell quickly!?" What I would really like to ask them is - Did you not listen when I talked about absorption rates, or how important the 1st 30 days are, or picking the right price and st...

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