The Media sold you Hope and you bought it. Hope is good. Hope = Momentum. So if Barack provides Hope that could give the country Momentum. And chocolate sprinkles might fall from the sky too! However here is something to think about...He won because he offered change from BUSH!Just one thought on...
Well, You did it! Historic, monumental, revolutionary, and just goes to show that in a society of Paris Hilton BFF, FLavor of LUV, and all the other crap we would elect a       CULT       OF              PERSONALITY! Ask not what you can do for your country, ax what your country can do for you!
Thank YOU for riding FreddieMAC/FannieMae's new ride at our financial non amusement park! This is one of our many socialist fun parks in existence. Only thing required to enter this park is a DREAM! Cash in the American dream for a ticket to ride! That's right, no need for the three C's of credit...
Can I get a loan? Do I have to have a downpayment? What's my credit score? Have prices bottomed out?  I hear there are alot of foreclosures available! What about new construction? Can I sell my house I have now?    These are just some of the questions that you hear everyday I'm sure! When a custo...
With Homeowner Vacancy at a HIGH and Rental Vacancy at a HIGH, Where is everybody?!?!? The obvious answer is you now have more people and families residing under one roof. If this is the case then it seems to me we are due for a large decrease in one or both sectors. Lets take a look at what migh...
     First off let me define what I mean by Mega vs Micro!  I am NOT talking about agencies for example- Century21 Realty vs Mom n Pop Realty. I am speaking of individual Realtors. The Mega Realtor is the Realtor who has 150+ listings and 10+ assistants helping. The Micro Realtor is the Realtor w...
   I was in one of our sales meeting and ranting about what ILLEGALimmigrants our doing to our economy, infrastructure, and schools. I was also saying that americans will do those jobs for a fair wage but Illegals have dropped the wage scale so that it is not a fair wage anymore. Not only that bu...
I would like to a minute to remember a great friend and mentor. Sharon Zesut passed away on Thursday. Her illness came hard and fast and I hope that everyone in the Activerain family says a prayer for her husband Robert. As hard as the loss is on our Century21 family, it must be even more difficu...
$150 for a one time ad in our Knoxville News Senseless(Sentinel)! And this is a corner ad that takes up an 1/8thof the page. For $150 I feel it should include a popup home of the listing in the ad maybe!In discussing advertising with fellow agents it is amazing to me how much some pay for adverti...
Last time we talked about how falling prices affect our fellow Realtors. Today I would like to talk about how to overcome falling price objections! First it is important to say I feel we are near the bottom of the recent market correction. I say this because only in this instance do these figures...

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