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The question: How do you compete against fraud?  The answer: I haven't the foggiest!!I recently pre-qualified a client for a $115,000 purchase and that was at the very high end of the purchasing scale based this borrowers scenario.  I enrolled her into a web based home finding service.  I receive...
I recently read an article about Value Driven Marketing and I thought I would share some of the highlights with the AR members.  It forced me to re-think how I was spending my marketing dollars and more importantly WHY I was spending money on marketing.  I hope you get something out of it. Many c...
The entire Real Estate industry is in a unique cycle right now.  Below is a copy of aletter I will be providing to my Real Estate Partners to help them "touch" their client database.  It is my hope that this letter will provide some necessary ammunition for my Real Estate Partners and prove that ...
Welcome to my first ever blog!Most everyone in the real estate industry is well aware of the meltdown in the sub-prime mortgage industry in the last 3 months.  With sub-prime guidelines changing daily, the FHA door has been re-opened.  With the help of down-payment assistance programs, FHA can st...

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