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    The lending industry is making it harder for homes to get bought and sold. I think keeping rent to own options an option is a good way to helping get our homes sold. Its not for everyone, with a good down payment and close to a financial advisor to help the buyer along might help to get some ...
   I cant say how much Rent to Owns have really helped this market. Even if the Lending industry has raised their bar for owning a home, we as real estate agents can help get buyers into homes and sellers out of thiers. Its a good feeling to see people get the home of their dreams. We are doing q...
 I have been learning alot in Real Estate. One of the biggest things I have learned is how to change with the Market. With the Lending Industry raising the bar on credit scores, it is harder to get a loan on a home. I think as Real Estate agents we need to help our clients with the possibilty of ...
 Great Bi-level Featured on my website for 269,900 , 2 car garage , over 3000 sq feet. When you walk inside this home you enter a nice spacious foyer. Then you go upstairs to a completely warm living room connected to the kitchen and dining area. The home also has five bedro...
       What do I say to my clients who are selling their home. Some tips are to always keep your home in a clean and comfortable setting, this helps for buyers coming in and gives it a warm home like feeling. Im always on the phone calling people to help sell the home. I know one thing, never sto...
       I was talking to a for sale by owner client, and he was so upset that he had to pay about three to four thousand dollars to a by owner system that didnt work. He was shocked, he thought agents would show his home, and I told him that one of the reasons you get buyers to come through your h...
       When looking for that perfect home one thing you might want to keep in mind if your a first time home buyer . Is buying a home you can easily afford. I wouldnt put your whole paycheck into your house payment. This way you can build equity in your home and use it to buy a home that really i...
     I've been doing my research on how to make your blog effective with links and metatags and URLs. I Just wanted to know what other guidelines there are. Does anyone have any thoughts on this Topic.
       I just came back from several showings here in NW Indiana, and i gotta tell ya that some these kitchens are just awesome looking. Nice spacious counter tops  all stainless steel appliances with some great lighting backgrounds to help set a nice feeling for the home. Interesting how Kitchen...
              Closing costs are an option on how to bring Buyer and Seller together ,but in todays market how about having the seller pay down the buyers rate to help save money. Just another way to give clients options.Its just like how mortgage lenders give their clients options with all the ne...

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