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    I like the fact that i can wake up every morning knowing i can give my clients the best services out there. But can we ever stop trying to improve on what kinds of value we can give to our clients.I just happy when they are happy and tell you thanks , somethings like that are why i started in...
     Moving from Illinois to Indiana because of the Property Taxes? I dont blame you , I dont think people in Illinois should have to pay the increase in taxes , dont the tolls pay for enough?. I know there are alot of homes in NW Indiana that have low taxes.
    Im not one for the Tax increases in Chicago. I personally think the owners of Chicago are taxed enough. Its one thing to increase taxes, but why not propose a date when the taxes will decrease? I know that there are certain areas in NW Indiana that the Taxes are kinda low, I can see alot of p...
     Listing presentations are all about confidence. Being able to convince a prospect that your confident about what you saying and the knowledge you hold is key in getting a listing. Practice your scripts keep reading and (of course) blogging about your industry and current events, and you'll s...
   Here comes the start of the Holidays until the New Year comes. Im going to my microsoft word to make sure i got all my Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas emails ready to send out. This will help to brand our names and give your prospects something to email you back about, hopefully,lol. This...
   I just want to comment on the area of St.John Indiana and how its grown into one of the best places to live. Along with Schererville and Munster its an area were you have good schools and can shop at just about any mall outlet you can think of, close to major expressways to commute to Illinois...
     I got a call the other day from a conserned client wanting to know how Team Concepts help her. She thought her information would get lost between all of our agents trying to sell her home. I told her "Here at Team McCormick we all strive to get your home sold , with buyer agents not only bri...
   Im sure everyone has it , im just excited to talk about it. Our 2007 Outlook program, how organized can one person get( alot if you use outlook) . Its much easier to Brand your name and get important information out to the clients quickly. What would us AR's do without it?
    Im a big fan of sending emails of homes to my clients, I often get calls from prospective buyers  thanking me for the service i provide them. Like most people buying a home now a days ,they dont want to spend time going out and looking at homes they dont like. With the email ,they can view th...
  I was talking with an agent the other day about blogging, and his view was that you dont need to blog to increase your popularity on the websites. He believes that its all in words called Metatags. So i new it would be a good topic to bring up in active rain.Does anyone have any comments on thi...

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