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   What I find myself doing at the end of the day is finding websites to post blogs on. What a great way to end the day learning from others and our industry. Does it ever stop(hopefully not) with so may websites and .coms out there , posting blogs and learning how to link sites to yours.    Its ...
    Before I answer that question ,we would have to go over everything a real estate agent does in a day, week or month. Technology is great for agents and MLS systems are costly last time i checked. Giving our clients the right data from CMAs to the speed of and advantage of using keycards, I th...
       The first thing that i tell all First time home buyers is dont pay more that you can afford. We get them pre-approved for a loan , I dont want my clients to big stuck with a high payment that they can barely afford. There is alot of homes on the market ,especially now that my buyers can lo...
I know in the state of Indiana that the Appraisal Standard will be going up in 2008. This will help make the appraisal industry and the over real estate market a better place to do business. Even on the Mortgage front they are makeing it so that in 2008 you must be certified. Making the right ste...
We got it made, i remember when i went to an mls intro class and the board member talked about how she had to go to the bank that held the keys to the home. So much running around, know we can take the time we save with technology and spend it with our clients. There was no such thing as SEO or w...
       What can we tell about the unemployment in each state. The state of Indiana still has low unemployment, how will this affect house prices? I work mainly in NW Indiana, for the most part ive seen a small decline in home prices. First time buyers also have a great opportunity in this Buyers ...
Staying on top of your SEO is more important than once thought.And from what ive heard certain search engines only pull up keywords base on how your text reflects your niche or even website. Its a learning experiance for me too.Im glad we have technology in our corner ,wonder what it will be like...
Really this is a great time to buy a home. Buyers are getting what they want and can get a great price on a home in the area or market they are in. The economy and the mortgage crisis will have an impact on house prices , lets watch to see how long this buyers market can last.
My Client is my first priority, I only want to help you find the home of your dreams, I think one of our best features is Emailing homes to people so they can see what they really want before they go out and see a home they're not sure of. let me know if your looking for a home and ill send you e...

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