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I have High blood pressure! Recently I had an "incedent", "occurance", whatever you want to call it. My BP shot up really high to 185/110. I went to the Doctor Right away and she increased (yea I said She) my meds and I went home. I was really good about taking the increased meds and was checking...
Hello, I've recently obtained a new domain for my web site. I'll still have the old web address, which was cumbersome and hard to explain. Now I'll be easier to find and easier to remember at You'll still be able to schedule your inspection on ...
20 years ago, who would imagine that we as home inspectors would be using all of this technology just to inspect a house! This new age has literally dragged home inspection into the 21st century. "Old Joe's" hand written inspection reports may still be as accurate as they always were, but who has...
Hello,My name is Tom Blowers I am the owner and lead inspector of 1st Look Home Inspection. T.R.E.C. 6925. We are based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and we serve all of the surrounding counties. I have been an inspector for 4 years now, and we do 300 plus inspections a year.I am still curre...

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