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With the endlessly increasing cost of compliance for today's mortgage brokers, it is more important than ever to get expert compliance advice to ensure adherance to the ever changing regulations that apply specifically to mortgage brokers. It is our passion to provide mortgage brokers with the most effective advice at an affordable cost.
One of the toughest properties for banks to find coverage on these days is vacant foreclosed commercial properties, which have grown in numbers over the last several months and promises to continue to be a problem for the upcoming year.               As the Senior Financial Institutions Underwrit...
In the insurance markets, like most others, 2008 has been a challenging year to say the least.  Shrinking premiums and soft market conditions have left many wondering if there is any hope on the horizon.   Quite the opposite is true for the agencies that have found a few booming markets associate...
Although foreclosures slowed pace slightly in May, it more than likely will be a short lived leveling of the market.    With interest rates trying to creep up and refinance options dwindling more and more, homeowners are "stuck" with payments they can't afford and no where to turn.   Add to this ...
A record 342,038 U.S. foreclosure filings, default notices, auction sale notices, and bank repossessions were reported for the month of April according to RealtyTrac, the leading on-line marketplace for foreclosures.   This report comes right on the heels of March's record number.  The report fur...
Tom Elder has joined the All Risks National Specialty Programs unit as the lead financial institutions underwriter for the new nationwide REO/Foreclosure and Lender Placed Property Insurance Program. At All Risks, he will target commercial banks, credit unions, savings and loans, mortgage banks, ...
It was a good time in the boom for rehabbers and hard money lenders alike.   There were plenty of properties to find and an easy profit to be made.   This combination of things made it very appealing to some to make hard money loans or private money loans.    I would class the folks who moved int...
With and ever increasing number of foreclosures in the market place, lenders are trying to contain costs that they incur in the whole foreclosure process.   Most people fail to realize the numerous costs involved with maintaining a portfolio of foreclosed properties.   One of these costs,  that c...
After a brief leave of abscense here on AR, it is good to be back.  In August of last year I was asked by my then employer to stop blogging, as is common with many fortune 50 size companies.   I have taken a different direction with my career and have been presented an opportunity to enter into a...
If you are 62 years of age or older and have been considering downsizing, shortly you will be able to downsize without cleaning out the bank, or having to have a mortgage payment every month.   As part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, Reverse Mortgage will now be acceptable for p...
The baby boomer generation is headed for a shock as it nears the finish line known as retirement.   As the day of reckoning grows near, boomers will discover that they are long on life expectancy and short on cash.   They are more likely to be asking if "you would like fries with that" than trave...

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