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With the endlessly increasing cost of compliance for today's mortgage brokers, it is more important than ever to get expert compliance advice to ensure adherance to the ever changing regulations that apply specifically to mortgage brokers. It is our passion to provide mortgage brokers with the most effective advice at an affordable cost.
This information is meant to be a continuation of my previous blog: There are many aspects of this new bill that are both confusing and controversial. In order to provide the facts and allow my loyal readers to draw their own conclusi...
Wednesday, July 30 2008 By Tom Elder  It was an early morning for President Bush and top administration officials Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Housing Secretary Steve Preston.    After threats of VETO, minor revisions and a housing crisis for the record books, Bush said that troubled home...
To set the tone for this blog, I will tell you that below is an actual email to a loan officer on my team.   They encountered an issue on a purchase money loan that was well "less than perfect" credit.  It was a manual underwrite and most of the people in the transaction were upset to say the lea...
With the recent and DRAMATIC drop in loan volume for many mortgage companies, there is an increased level of interest in the Reverse Mortgage market.   With an aging population there has been a sharp increase in the popularity of the reverse mortgage product.  It has allowed over 100,000  "Baby B...
I am moving my sales training blog to an outside location in order to utilize this blog for customer related Real Estate Blogs.  If you are interested  in following this bog I will be happy to give you the new address.   In good taste I will not post it here, but do encourage you to email me If y...
Welcome back to week 3.  The week I would like to call the breakthrough week.   If you are like most sales people, you are talking with people and presenting your offers on a regular basis, but you wonder why your conversions are down and you are getting no where.   One of the reasons could be la...
I have and always will possess a desire to work all of the time.   It fundamentally is how I am made up and fighting it would be futile. Some people like sports and have hobbies or whatever.  I enjoy building companies and marketing and well,  just about anything that has to do with business.  Th...
    For those of you that work at real estate brokerages that require loan volume to be steered towards in house lending and title, make sure you are aware of the effects of what you are doing. Self Employed?  Not hardly!  You are the cheapest advertising and marketing employee (lead generator) t...
Overcoming objections is far easier than you might imagine and I can boil down to 4 easy steps for you.   Hear the Objection Repeat the objection back Ask questions to get to the "Pain" of the objection. Give solution to the pain.  Let me address each of these steps briefly: Hear objections:  Whe...
This blog will be a continuing series of short informational excerpts from my sales training arsenal designed to help you SELL MORE and have MORE HAPPY CLIENTS.   In my training classes and seminars I am often asked about how to handle the many client objections that come up in the sales process....

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