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     So I may be the biggest skeptic that ever lived.  There are so many products out there these days that are going to create some kind of miracle in your life.....Take this pill and lose weight, put this cream on and look 20 years younger, spray this on for a full head of hair.  YEAH RIGHT!!! ...
I am sure many of you have heard about the purposed uranium mining in Larimer County.  There is great concern of water contamination along the front range clear into the Denver area.  If you are concerned I urge you to go to the following website and sign the petition to stop these companies from...
     Just a 2 1/2 Hour flight from Miami and you are thrown into an eden like environment.  Costa Rica is know for its abundance of wildlife and many different climates.  Costa Rica is roughly the size of West Virginia, with an interior of mountains of almost 6000 ft.  Monteverde (The Green Mount...
       What agent hasn't had a client ask them about the "BAD" areas of town?  Even though we can't steer them away from any one certain neighborhood, I think that we can still provide them with the resources to do their own homework.  Almost all local law enforcement agencies have websites that ...
     If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would live in Wellington I would have told you NO WAY.  Being in law enforcement I saw firsthand the crime that took place there.  The town also had a very run down appearance with nothing there except three bars.  (It always baffled me how a town...

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