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I don't understand why an agent would use the newspaper for anything but sending people to their website...It is a dated way of advertising and only good for the sellers belief that that is where people will find their home. Unfortunately they really don't understand that print media is on the wa...
You can use your watch!  Wha........?   well here it is and you can go out a prove it if you want...bring your compass to check. Here is how you do it....picture a clock face, as if it is on the ground....find the sun and point the hour hand at the if it is 4 pm on the clock, point your...
I would like to know if anyone has a good idea or thoughts as to why smaller neighboring MLS continue to exist? I ask this question with the idea that with the Internet  still growing, and as the borders between the MLS'S continue to overlap, how the smaller MLS board membership directors still t...

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