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Though boring to some, I believe it is always good to look at the industry's numbers for perspective. Lender Processing Services just reported that mortgage delinquencies have experienced their biggest decline in 11 years.“Since the beginning of 2013 to the end of May, delinquencies are down over...
I wanted to re-blog this post from Joe Petrowsky from a week or so ago. "Many People Don't Believe They Can Buy a Home" We think it is a finite universe of 'qualified applicants' for mortgages. This post shows that really isn't true. There are people out there who don't realize they actually coul...
The Mystery of Missing Certificate 390Most of us have heard stories of finding old stock certificates in a worn, dusty, old suitcase in granny’s or grampy’s attic. Sometimes they can be valuable, and sometimes they can be worthless vestiges of long bankrupt enterprises. There are collectors of ol...
Psssst…..hey…. you want to really predict the direction of the stock market? Forget all those hours pouring over charts, graphs, and up-to-the-minute economic data releases. The secret (until now) market indicator is…ummm….. chocolate. According to a recent article by Alex Rosenberg on CNBC, a ma...
I realized long ago that being in sales requires special skills and special patience. I had a conversation today with a long time Realtor (30 plus years) about the industry in general and what has changed and what has stayed the same.One of the biggest continuing frustrations, he said, is spendin...
I can’t be out of money. I still have checks left. It is an old punch line, but it is amazing how many people do not budget at all or fail to stick to a budget, if they start one. That bain of the impulsive, budgeting, is critical for everyone if you want to buy a house, even for most wealthy peo...
In the recent July issue, they tell the consumer not to buy the FICO score or any other. Why? They say the Fair Isaac score, and most of the others, are not reliable. “But the FICO scores that millions buy each year for $20 a pop are not the scores that car dealers, auto-finance companies, mortga...
How come....   when you make a $20 dollar donation to some non-profit organization by mail......   they spend $25 dollars over the next few months on multiple letters trying to get you to give them more!  
 Hello everyone. I am Tom Halzack and this is my introductory blog post for activerain. I am proud to announce that I am joining the RightTrac Financial Group as a mortgage loan originator. I say proud because because I feel fortunate to join forces with such a substantial mortgage lending group ...

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