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I was just sent an e-mail with about a dozen beautiful pictures of the streets of Manila in the 1960s. I was amazed at how spotlessly clean, well cared for, and uncrowded the city appeared to be. No wonder it was referred to as the "Pearl of Asia." What Happened???? Manila certainly isn't like th...
It is believed according to that the next 6 to 9 months are considered to be a prime time for buying real estate. In addition to the incentives, such as the homebuyer tax credit, the job market should improve over the next few months. Despite the month to month ups and downs, Ken ...
I am in the process of joining BNI for the second time. I changed professions awhile back and now I am in the group as a real estate investor as the Realtor position had been already taken. Our BNI (Business Networking International) Group, Chantilly True Grit, is up to about 20 members and we ar...
Nice news. In fact US Equities are way up on the stock exchanges due to this welcomed news and the U.S. dollar may get a bit stronger over this news. It used to be that whatever happened to GM is what happened to the U.S. economy (paraphrase of famous quote). Now, it is the real estate sales indu...
Just received a News Flash that for the 3rd Quarter, 14.41% of mortgage borrowers are more than 90 days behind on their payments. As much as I would like to get back to some sort of normalcy in real estate sales (i.e. - Mr Buyer and Ms. Seller), the situation presents opportunities in strong rent...
By now, I suspect everyone has heard the news that you can buy a decent single family home in Detroit for, in some cases, less than the price of a used car. I recently read an article in the Nov 2009 "Money" magazine titled "Is this a $6,900 Bargain?" It is amost imaginable that a single family h...
I was looking for an article on the WSJ website regarding a potential double dip in the Housing Market due to the number of foreclosures on the horizon and ran across this article about the National Association of Realtors pushing to have credit relaxed especially on commercial properties. I thin...
Sometimes there are interesting articles in the publications I read and other times I just want to say "ENOUGH!" This one is about the coming "Second Great Depression" as one of the quoted articles is titled within the context of this article. America did not become a great country because we sai...
Just when it starts looking a little better it seems the government is going to step in and tighten up eligibility to obtain a mortgage through possibly requiring higher credit scores and larger down payments for FHA loans. If this actually happens , it could be devastating to real estate sales (...
I was looking at the Outlook section of The Washington Post this morning to what appears to be an ongoing series "The 5 Myths of...." Today's topic was the "5 Myths About Home Sweet Ownership." Some I agree with but at least one I do not. To recap the article, linked below, The Five Myths were 1....

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