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A few days ago, I was asked by a relative to do some comps on what their home might be worth. I had a fair idea as I had shown homes in the neighborhood, although not similar, they were in the same zip code but were smaller and older. I ran the numbers, found few comps as this was a newer home in...
This morning I headed out to get what I thought might be a soggy Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. My carrier(s) were nice enough to double bag them which kept them nice and dry. Both papers had articles going into some detail on the recent extension of the Home-Buyer tax credit. By now, p...
Every day, I pick up the Wall Street journal and the Washington Post as I head out to walk the dogs. Some days I am excited about what I read but most days lately I wonder why I pay to be tortured like this. A few days ago, I received the October Statistics from the Northern Virginia Association ...
I just read an interesting newsletter from a mortgage broker on the statistics surrounding the unemployment rate. Predicted to be at 9.9%, the rate took a surprise turn at 10.2%. The newsletter pointed out that 190,000 jobs were lost and that it takes the creation of 125,000 new jobs per month to...
What do health care reform and real estate sales have in common. On the surface maybe not much. This morning after reading about the House vote in The Washington Post, it dawned on me (in the shower where most of my best thinking occurs) that the health care bill will have an effect on real estat...
One important note about this bill other than we are spending ourselves into oblivion is that the extension of unemployment benefits for 14 weeks (up to 20 in states with high unemployment). The Washington Post reports this morning that the government gets a lot of bang for its buck as nearly 100...
This immaculate and updated property located in South Arlington is a real gem. If you drove up to the house, and did not go inside, you would miss the charm of this property. As you walk in you enter the foyer, to the right a sunny dining area. You then move through to a thoroughly modern Kitchen...
Which is a good thing if you have any debt and you want to see interest rates low. This goes for mortgages which affect our potential and current clients. As you may be aware, this also affects the value of the USD but at the same time affects our exports. In general, until the economy is at a po...
Naw really? Real Estate is one of those professions that you can back into retirement gracefully. Perhaps you start taking fewer listings, Perhaps you sell out your book of business and take a fee on the sales revenue. I guess once you get so old you cant get out of bed in the morning you should ...
An article in today's Sunday edition of the Washington Post, Nov, 1, 2009 does not paint a pretty picture for the middle and lower classes going forward. If you are middle class or above, your chances of moving up are greater. If you are a single parent, and that group is growing, you are likely ...

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