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Occasionally you see the Top Ten Best Places to Live or Retire. I received an email from AARP from a January article indicating the Top Ten Worst places to retire. None were too surprising considering the criteria were cost of living, state fiscal status, or cold weather. I would have be shovelin...
It sure seems so. I have had a recent number of calls and inquiries from military personnel with plans to move to the D.C. area. Some of these inquiries have even included specific neighborhoods and school systems of choice. Since I have worked with a number of military families before in finding...
I just spent a week at my Florida home. I inherited it, I cannot sell it (for near its low appraised value) and I am not sure I want to. I was enjoying a nice breeze off of the Indian River everyday and low humidity. I quickly ran some calculations and realized (except for the fact my wife has a ...
I know that everyone wants the best deal on a home. Yes, there is a predicted increase in foreclosures next year but do you really want one? Are you aware that foreclosures in Northern Virginia, unless they are totally trashed, do not sell for much less than a regular sale? Are you aware that you...
Whenever I have needed work done, I have always called John Cho first. He's on my web site, He's on my "Tom's Picks 2011" List. Well...he's on the list but man did I screw up. I transposed his number to a non-working number. Talk about feeling bad. The good news is that I am hiring him to do anot...
The truth is mold is in something like 90% of homes across the country. There are different kind of mold and varying degrees of mold. For example, I know I could find some mold in my shower right now if I went and looked for it. I'd hit it with the bleach and some 409 before it gets nasty! I have...
I had to laugh (and isn't laughter the best medication?) when I read that a loan officer referred to "applying for a mortgage" as "a financial colonoscopy." A colonoscopy is not painful but certainly degrading and embarrassing but most of all its is necessary for your health. Perhaps a financial ...
The latest census data shows massive growth in Northern Virginia over the past decade. Northern Virginia is a magnet for growth and is very competitive with Maryland and the District due to its heavily pro business environment. Fairfax County grew by about 12% over the last decade. Slower growth ...
This morning as I read Michelle Singletary's column, The Color of Money, in the Washington Post, I was initially in disagreement. As I read further I realized her point and that point is that paying rent, in certain circumstances, does not make you a financial loser. Granted, owning real estate h...
The D.C. metro area has weathered the ups and downs of the real estate market better than many other areas. The prices never went up as high as some other areas, nor did they drop as much either. According to the this morning's Washington Post, Prices are up from the bottom in the District and No...

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