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The main issue in this designation is fiscal health and taxes according to There is also an article today at on the subject. The links for both are below. Due to the fiscal problems in Nevada and Florida (not on the list), it is likely that if things do not imp...
For awhile, I was against raising taxes on anyone, then softened to everyone except those making over something over $250K but with a COLA so that we don't end up with a problem like the constant AMT quick fixes every year. Since I have made over $250K once or twice in my life, I have a right to ...
Great nation, Lost it's way, future generations unable to carry mortgage left by the previous generation(s). Make offer! 3rd Party Approval required. Multiple Lenders. A little tongue in cheek, but I have no doubt that Erskine Bowles was telling the truth when he said (and I paraphrase) "if we do...
Personally, I don't think so. For others it might make sense. If you have nothing and expect to have nothing the rest of your life, then yes it might make sense. If your goal is borrow money and strategically use that money to increase your wealth then I would just eat it for now and hope that so...
I recently was sent a summary on an income producing property by a friend and colleague and he thought I might be interested in the 15% cap rate on this property. At this time, after researching the market, I have been in touch with the seller and am willing to sign a letter of intent in order to...
As the leaves start to drop with the area temperature (this morning we were at or near freezing), it's time to change the oil on the snow thrower, make sure you have fresh gas, and some of that stuff you can spray in the carburetor should you have a tough time starting it just when you need it. I...
The Washington Post Columnist Kenneth R. Harney is his column "The Nations Housing" (page E1 Real Estate, 11/06/2010, Left Bottom) discusses how new changes coming to the FICO credit score could help or hurt those trying to get a new mortgage. Someone who currently has a 720 score may drop to a 6...
Darn! I wish I had my camera. Today, driving down the Clara Barton Parkway near Glen Echo, MD, I spotted what looked like no less than 20, and possibly as many as 30, vultures having an early Thanksgiving Dinner on the side of the road. The poor animal, probably a deer,likely didn't know what hit...
It seems like everyday, we get more fallout from the Housing crisis. As my father used to say "this too shall pass." It's just that the passing is a little slow. It seems the Commonwealth of Virginia has been losing tax dollars from real estate transactions because of shoddy paperwork on the mort...
By untouched, I mean the building is still intact, relics from the Civil War era still lying around, and the supposed ghost of Clara Barton tapping a contractor on the shoulder. The building, profiled on page one of the Metro Section in the Washington Post, talks about a carpenter walking into th...

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