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Many Years ago, our major cities had streetcars. Very few remain and those that do seem to have limited service. New Orleans and San Francisco come to mind. It was foolish to have gotten rid of them to begin with. Now we have Metro but we still have clogged roads. For years prior to Metro (14 bet...
Those of us that live around George Mason University in Fairfax find the University Mall, corner of Braddock Rd. and Rt. 123 (Ox Road), to be a convenience especially after a big snowstorm like last Winter. The Mall has several restaurants ranging from fast food to sit down, A Giant Food, a dry c...
The other day I was at the St. Mary of Sorrows "historic church" at Route 123 and Fairfax Station Road. This church is a wealth of  history itself and, in 2008, celebrated its 150th anniversary. Clara Barton nursed soldiers there during the Civil War and Gen. Grant, while on or near the site, had...
Digging through the Washington Post this morning, Page A2, was an article on Monday's NAR report that housing sales had jumped about 10% in September over the previous month. Buying activity had increased in every part of the country on a regional basis and for all types of housing. The Washingto...
I have driven by it for almost 20 years. I have wondered what was so special about that house. Other than confusing its owner with another much more famous man in history, I knew that it was the "Burke" house. Not Edmund Burke as I once thought but Silas Burke. I haven't been able to determine if...
In the juristictions in which I operate, one is freewheelin' on cell phone use (except for texting which is illegal and has a miniscule fine...if they catch you and can prove that you were texting). The other is a $100 fine for using your cell phone while driving. Two different areas, one very ur...
I am generally an optimist. Although I monitor the media heavily ( is my homepage), I take whatever I hear or read as input then go find the facts or use my noggin. This morning after reading a ho hum Washington Post (some days are better than others) I glanced at a...
 Wow! What a nice house! A view of the Potomac in the Potomac Pointe neighborhood in Woodbridge, VA. The home, located at 1641 LADUE CT #303, WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191 is near a VRE (Virginia Railway Express Station) for a quick hop to the Pentagon or D.C. A "close in" Feel and at "far out" price. Thi...
On the  page of the Washington Post this morning, another gloom and doom story on buyers are waiting for a "pie in the sky" deal and sellers think it is still 2006, etc. Back on Page B3 was an article about the "5 Myths of U.S. Exports." I like these weekly articles and this one seems to really p...
Maybe not so new since our Canadian friends to the North have a similar system in place. The system rewards one for paying down debt sooner rather than spreading it out and deducting the interest, if I am reading the article correctly. The maximum amount of time one can have a home loan in Canada...

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