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I just read an short blurb in this mornings paper about the current economic situation of the country. Despite all of the recent bad news it gave several reasons why the economy is on the mend. The one point that got me thinking was that even though approximately half a million housing units are ...
Even though leads are coming in, some better than others, it appears that on the national level the housing market is in for still a rougher ride. I should say it is going to be a tough row to hoe for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, etc. Here is the article on the front pag...
No, This is not a government throwback to the Johnson Administration or "The Great Society." This is a private business enterprise run by developer John K. Freeman who bought a run down townhouse development in Falls Church, VA and has turned it into a modern day utopia for (I don't want to use t...
I recently did a post on the job market and housing market in the Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) area. This morning while working at my computer, I heard the garbage truck making its way down the block. I rushed out nearly falling and breaking my neck to get the can out to the street. I notic...
Many of us have had our rear ends booted in the recent stock and real estate meltdown. Usually when real estate is down stocks are up. If not stocks, bonds or something. In the current market, everything seems to be a "no go." Long term though, if history is any example, stocks will go up and tre...
Fairfax County Police are trying to identify two juveniles who threw animal feces, deck chairs, and other items in the Sideburn Run Pool on Zion Road in Fairfax. If you can identify the juveniles in WUSA9 video in the upper right corner of the page of the link, please contact the Fairfax County C...
I suspect most people have heard the saying "No one on their deathbed ever said ‘I should have spent more time at the office'" I think most people would agree with that statement. We spend our busy lives working to build a career, put our kids through school, and hope for at least some form of co...
An interesting article in this morning's Washington Post regarding the wide discrepancy between the D.C. metro area and the rest of the nation. The article notes that if Washington were a financial or arts capital like New York or L.A. then the wealth in the area would be more widely acceptable b...
Here is another one from the Virginia Association of Realtors Newsletter. It seems that Fannie Mae is looking at sueing specifically, but not limited to, "Strategic mortgage defaulters." I have preached about this before, those who strategically default think that they will not pay any price for ...
I just read an email from the Virginia Association of Realtors that Virginia is ranked #20 nationwide for mortgage fraud. The blurb went on to say that Virginia is doing its best to get off the list by "licensing all mortgage originators" through the National Mortgage License System. The final co...

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